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FashionHap (April 4, 2014): Divas At Be A Star Rally At Boys & Girls Club
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: April 20th, 2014 • (0)

Be A Star at Boys and Girls Club

Brie: The ladies of WWE rocked it fo’ sho’ at this Be A Star Rally. They spoke for a great cause and their outfits spoke for fantastic fashion! Spring’s ‘it’ child, the black and white combo, was well-represented by our fashion stars in their relay of fabulosity. First up, Stephanie McMahon showcased modern classicism with a faux-cut-out dress (note the fab fit and chic knee-length).  She kept her jewelry minimal to let the outfit-makers have the last word: those super-trendy shoes! That’s the way ya do it girl! Next, Renee Young went refined and polished with her black pencil skirt and sleeveless white top. Her black sandals put the finishing touch to an outfit that is killingly event-appropriate. Cameron gave us a fierce mod-retro look, with her over-size polka-dot tea length dress. Her pointy-toe ankle-cuff stilettos are absolutely spot on-trend. I love how she blended a vintage feel with ultra-mod; it really makes her look pop. And Naomi finished things off with a pretty white peplum top paired with sparkle skinny pants for a perfect amount of glam. She gets trend points for the metallic pumps (love those!). This look is def  on the list of girlfriend’s best street style!

FashionHap (April 4, 2014): Divas At Be A Star Rally At Boys & Girls Club: Photos

FashionHap (April 5, 2014): Superstars & Divas At The Susan G. Komen Grantee Award Reception
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Brie: Natalya, Layla and Stephanie McMahon showed their support for the Susan. G. Komen Foundation grantees at the award reception this weekend, and kept things fresh and spring-y while doing so! Natalya wore a pretty peach fit-and-flare dress with lace appliqué, paired with her trademark pointy-toe pumps: so pretty! with her flowy hair and soft make-up, she looked youthful and joyous. Layla chose a sleek, perfectly tailored grey sheath, with a slightly-squared neckline, for a classy, sophisticate style. She gave us a fun twist, though, with her studded platform pumps, which look oh-so-Louboutinesque (and like they could have been borrowed from Nikki Bella’s closet ;-)) (it’ s ok, ladies – we’re borrow from our bff’s too!) Doesn’t matter from whence they arrived – they add a fun punch of haute couture to this cool-as-a-cucumber-sexy ensemble. I also love Steph’s chic pink sheath; simple, classic perfection – just what we’re used to from the always-stunning Mrs. Trips. The metallic gold belt and peep-toe pumps are super-trendy and bring a frisson of warm to the cool pink shade of her dress. Ah, rapturous sigh!

FashionHap (April 5, 2014): Superstars & Divas At The Susan G. Komen Grantee Award Reception: Photos

This Week In Fashion (Mar 2-8): Color My World
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A little red, some pink, some blues…. You can’t go wrong by throwing a little color in your life! Or in this case, your closet! It was a slightly more relaxed week on the fashion front, but with the debut of a few new looks – or I should say, some new variations – we had to talk about them here.

Stephanie McMahon: The Boss Lady was looking bold and in charge on Raw wearing this ensemble. Red and black is one fierce combination, and she pulled it off perfectly. Rocking a loose, cold shoulder black top and pairing it with a bright red pencil skirt, Stephanie exudes total confidence. Some stiletto ankle boots and long earrings finish off the powerful look.

Velvet Sky: Well, who was looking pretty in pink this week? The lovely Velvet Sky, that’s who! Regarding the gear’s style, there isn’t much to say as we talked about it in our last “TWIF“, but the colors. Oh, the colors. Pink and purple are two of my favorites, and they look great together.

The Bella Twins: They “blue” us away this week by debuting some new gear! Brie and Nikki mostly stick with red, black, and white, so this is a really nice change. Both styles are super flattering; I love the jersey material of Nikki’s top, and the plaid pattern trimming Brie’s gear. Nikki’s socks and snap-back have both solidified their spots as her signature pieces, and you know what? I’m a fan!


Seeing the WWE Superstars and Divas outside the ring, doing things to help others, really makes it obvious that the WWE cares about the community. Brie and Nikki Bella, along with Stephanie McMahon (and The Big Show) went to The Special Olympics Illinois Unified Basketball Game at the beginning of the month. For the first time in a long time, The Bellas actually dressed identical, for the most part at least. They both wore black pants and the same grey slogan t-shirt, but shoe-wise they changed things up. Also, Nikki sported her now signature snapback. The Boss Lady, Stephanie McMahon wore a bright red sweater and black leather-looking pants. She kept the accessories simple, but it’s just nice to see her in something other than a business suit!

FashionHap (March 3, 2014): The Bella Twins, Stephanie McMahon & Big Show At The Special Olympics Illinois Unified Basketball Game: Photos

These Weeks In Fashion (Feb 9-Mar 1): Knowledge=Power=Roar
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WWE brands their divas as “Smart. Sexy. Powerful”. It’s a great catchphrase, not just for divas in the ring but for divas in all walks of life. Life’s a challenge; you need power. Who doesn’t want to be the jungle queen of their own Roar video? Power doesn’t just come from the gym and muscle fitness. It comes from being mistress of factoids, as well. Arm yourself with knowledge; it will give you the strength to move through life’s war zones with confidence. In fashion, it means understanding what you’re buying..and I don’t mean brand names. Brand is great, but only if there’s the quality behind it that you expect. Not long ago, I got a designer piece that was complete crap: see-through, poorly lined and stitching as crooked as an entrenched politician. Thank Gaga, I only bought it for the color, a new lining can be added and the stitching can be fixed…AND I got it on sale. But it’s crazy important to know what to look for, to KNOW what good stitching is,to know what “bias-cut” and “princess seam” mean – why they are used and what they do for your fabulous self, to know that when the print lines up on the seams of a garment, it means quality. Knowledge is out there and it’s yours for the taking, so grab your palm sceptre and get roaring. Continue reading »

This Week In Fashion (Feb 2-8, 2014): Screeching Into Blandsville
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: February 9th, 2014 • (0)


Soooooo 99.9% of the time, the ladies we love rock us, wow us and send us into stylegasms with their fierceness and ferocity. Aaaand then, every so often, we take a little drive to the town of Blandsville. (You can find it on Google maps just slightly south of Way-The-Hail- Out-There and east of a whole lot of tumbleweed.) This is one of those little vaca in Blandsville weeks.  Let the sadness commence.

Stephanie McMahon: My first thought was “brava!” It’s sooo great not to see Steph in a suit! As in, scooore. Big time. And it IS great to see her going back to dresses and chaning things up for us. I even love how she’s experimenting with this season’t super-hot tea-length: sexy without showing all you own = major score! And then, I realized she’s paired it with…boots. Um, what? Steph, honey, no.  Wait, let me guess…you WERE reaching for the ultra-fab pointy-toe pumps when mini-Steph or mini-Hunter flicked off the light, tried to bodyslam the coffee table or caused some other genetcially-predictable chaos. And you got distracted, so you missed the pumps and grabbed the boots, right? That’s it, isn’t it?

Alicia Fox: TGFFF. No, that’s not a mis-type. I really am thanking the Powers That Be for Foxy Fierce. She lends the lone spot of flawless brilliance ot this week…and it IS brilliant – red! It’s not a color we see tons of from Foxy, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t; it’s gorge! The sportswear inspiration behind her gear is cray trendy and def HOT…but seriously – imagine working out in THIS! This is workout wear kicked up into fabulosity – bold stripes, hint of all-over glitter. Mmm-mmm. Bench 100? Why yes sir, I can…did you want to see that in the gym or…:)

Emma: The Wizardress of Oz hits middle ground this week. She’s trying. I give her that. I dig the pants hard – that moto look is sooo cool. I know, I know, ‘cool’ isn’t what Emma shoots for, but  a comedienne can make us smile just as well looking fierce as not. The striped tee is ok and the Emma-lution tee is more ok. They just don’t have that shazaam, that shot of intrigue and inspiration that makes it rock. A moto jacket over the top might help…or dropping the boots down to ankle-length and going for Western-tinged or studded motorcycle. Knotting the tees high for a cropped look might do it too. It just needs a dash of something. Kinda like this whole fashion week.

Ah well, there’s always next week..*breaks into chorus* “tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day aaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay” . …Were ya scared????? :D

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