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These Weeks In Fashion (June 15-28, 2014): Give Them Something They Wanna Be
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Sometimes, fashion goes through an attack of the Blah’s. There’s just not much out there rocking our world. And that is a serious bummer, because inspiration is one of the coolest drugs going!  That holds true whether you’re getting it or giving it because it’s also one of those fabulous items you can pay forward. The Divas & Knockouts inspire us, we (hopefully!) inspire them with our cheers and comments and we can inspire the rest of the world. Witness: I was at a doctor’s appointment not too long ago, wearing a neutral outfit with chic pumps…in a super shade of coral. When I came out of the appointment, one of the ladies who was waiting came running up to me and said “We’ve all been talking about your shoes!” My guess is that people get scared away by bright colors and think they’re too bold, but done right, they’re fab for anyone. So, a whole roomful of people got a look at my style and it really sounded like they got inspired to give bright a try. Yay! And that’s what I mean: being you, caring about your style enough to make it special and true to you, and wearing it out with confidence can give your audience (whether it’s one or one million) the idea and the courage to try something they otherwise might not. So, go ahead – give them something they wanna be. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photo Gallery: All Business
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 The Big Dub went all business with it’s latest gallery and gave us shots of EVERY diva (well, almost) who has ever done anything involved with the great world of producing revenue. From Stacy Keibler’s burgeoning role in WWE when she became Miss Hancock, an office-attired valet who gave us a very seductive (and a bit racier than professional) take on suiting to the lovely Lana, who has been storming TWIF pretty much every week with some new fabulous piece, the Co. has the desk set covered. They even include a nsap from Maxine, hailing from her time as a valet..or possibly her tenure as GM for FCW. Either way, business was business for Max and she did what needed to be done. This corset shirt had the definite don’t-mess-with-me-or-you’re-fired vibe, as did a number of her style choices. Continue reading »

Hot Off The Press: Vickie Guerrero Loses Job, But Gets The Last Laugh
News posted by Dustin • Date Published on: June 24th, 2014 • (0)

goodbye vickie

After more than 8 years with the company, Vickie Guerrero has finished up with WWE.

On RAW last night, Stephanie McMahon was set to fire Vickie Guerrero from WWE after Vickie added Roman Reigns to last weeks battle royal to crown the final Money in the Bank particpant, as a way to get back at The Authority for constantly humiliating her. Vickie was forced to beg for her job, and was eventually given an ultimatum. Get fired on the spot, or compete (and win) in a match with the opponent being Stephanie McMahon herself. Vickie Guerrero stood up for herself and accepted the match, much to the crowds pleasure marking one of the few rare times the WWE Universe got behind Vickie Guerrero.

Fast forward to match time, Vickie Guerrero came out in her ring gear as well as to her late husband Eddie Guerrero’s entrance music. Stephanie McMahon however was not dressed in wrestling clothes and informed Vickie that the match would actually take place outside of the ring with the stipulation being to win the match, the opponent must be thrown into a giant pool of slop. Stephanie would send out Layla, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes to get Vickie thrown in the pool, but her plan backfired when Vickie herself threw all 3 Divas in the pool. An excited Vickie had her back turned at the wrong time which led to Stephanie shoving Vickie in the pool winning the match.

Stephanie fired Vickie and proceeded to sing “Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye”. Vickie rose from the pool and threw the billion dollar princess in the pool of slop getting the final laugh on The Authority. Vickie left giving us the classic Eddie pose from the ramp.

Although we here at Diva-Fierce are sad to see Vickie go, we are excited to see what the future has in store for her!

Share some of your favorite Vickie G moments in the comments section below. Viva la Raza!

These Weeks In Fashion (June 1-14/14): Indentured Fashion
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With all the fashion do’s and don’ts and ins and outs, on-trends and “passe”s, it’s easy to get caught up in some crazy closet-go-round of style. When that happens, do yourself a favor: jump off. Remember this: fashion is not a dictator. Fashion is a slave. It’s sole purpose is to express you and most of all, make you feel and look fabulous. If any piece of it fails in this regard, say goodbye to it…without a shred of regret. Its what any good diva would do.

Stephanie McMahon: I really like seeing Stephanie step away from suits. Changing things up is a good  good thing. This splotch-print black and white dress maintains it artistic quality, while being a feminine and flirty alternative to the clean-lined suit. Steph also seems to be a fan of the Herve Leger bandage look lately. She shows it off again with her turquoise dress, this time with a wide scoop neck. I’m a massive fan of the choker; it makes this ensemble super-sophisticated.

Lana: Oh my, Lana! How do I love thee fashion?!  Don’t you find it amazing how she can take one perfect suit and keep it constantly fascinating by changing fabrics, colors and accessories? THAT is some serious sense of style. And it hinges on paying attention to details. It’s subtle and cerebral … and SERIOUSLY  sexy! The gray pinstripes are sleek and powerful, especially with her low bun hairstyle. But the killer look for me is the navy suit! Her polka dot pocket square adds a whimsical touch of playfulness (Translation: Fierce points!)  and she gets madly massive props for using a pocket square period. Yes!!! Ladies, this is how it is done! Try it!! And oh yeah, she’s also wearing a man’s watch? Can you say bold, confident and oh-so-cool any more clearly? PS I also adore the rolled “bun” hairstyle. Lana, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship :)

Continue reading »

FashionHap (April 3, 2014): Superstars For Kids Auction Party
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Auction Party

Going back to the archives again on  this, but hey – can ya blame us? SO many of these outfits were FAB! The superstars and divas got together around Wrestlemania-time to do a fund-raiser benefitting Bree’s Dream Foundation, which provides assistance to the children of New Orleans. And the ladies definitely put their best stiletto’d feet forward! (The guys probably did too, but we’re going to let them stay in the sahdows this time around :)). Natalya gave us a reprisal of her Hall Of Fame Fashion Award wining black gown. One can never go wrong with basic black and this dress is a stunner! Nat gave it some extra punch with he rpretty pink purse. Wish we could have seen her shoes! Maryse was glamorous as always in this metallic copper halter dress. The sequin lines make it ultra-modern, even though the silhouette is very traditional. Her flowing blonde hair kept things relaxed, but gorgeous. Have I mentioned how I miss getting to see Maryse’s fashion? Le  gran sigh. Brie Bella also went simple and chic with an unembellished, but curve-hugging black dress. Her outfit got its coup de grace from her multi-layered gold and turquoise statement necklace – wow! Her up=do is a brilliant choice – it adds just a touch more formality to a minimalist dress, making it night-event-worthy…and rave-worthy! Summer Rae stood out in a beautiful turqouise affair, made special bythe sequin-accented sheer overlay. The coppery shading is a popular combination with  turquoise and it’s beautiful on Summer! Continue reading »

This Week In Fashion (May 25 – 31/14): Magic Is Back
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Yes, Fiercenti – TWIF is BACK! And boy, it never felt so good!!!! ;) We’re having so much fun, we’re bringing TWIF back with a monster post!…And a wave of our fierce lil’ wands.

Sometimes you wake up with your groove on. It’s like you escaped from Dreamland with magic! And when you’re magic, baby, you’re MAGIC – it doesn’t matter what color your hair is, what age you are, what the news says,  whether your on a magazine cover or covered up, whether you’re wearing Givenchy or a torn guy’s t-shirt. You rock it. AND the world.Those moments are the world’s best drug. EVER. I’m amazed at how often they come right after a bunch of tough days. It’s like the Universe’s way of flipping off haters, laughing at troubles, head-slapping general malaise, and saying “you can’t screw with this chick”; this feeling is mine, no matter what. So no, Lorde, I’m not over revelling without a care. When that magic comes, you’ve gotta throw yourself into those moments and live them for all they’re worth, ride the high, work the catwalk. Why not?  They’re all yours. So crank the amps, hit the lights and kill these magic days. Continue reading »

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