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We’re so used to seeing Stephanie McMahon rocking the business suit look that this is a refreshing change! To accept the Sports Legacy Institute Impact Award foe 2013, along with her husband Triple H, so wore this beautifully designed, sleeveless, above the knee dress. I love the swirls of white, black, grey, and orange, which creates such an intricate pattern. It’s very different than what we normally see her wearing. The round, high neckline would make any necklace look a little out of place, plus it would likely get lost in the pattern. However, Stephanie did accessorize with a fierce studded clutch – and her wedding ring, of course!

FashionHap (Oct 23, 2013): Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Accept Sports Legacy Institute’s 2013 Impact Award: Photos

New WWE.com Diva Focus: Stephanie McMahon – Chief Fashionable Officer
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Jessy: Hello, boss lady! If you’ve been keeping up with RAW lately, you’ll know that not only is Stephanie McMahon ruling over the wrestlers alongside her husband, Triple H, but she’s doing it in style and this photoshoot is no exception! The daughter of the CEO of WWE has been rocking the suit jacket every week, which you can see in this photoshoot paired with a matching skirt and a black shirt underneath. She keeps this look simple, wearing pearl earrings and keeping the make up low-key and her hair straight. However, when it comes time to slip into the sexy red dress, Steph is a force I definitely would not want to mess with. Wearing strappy black peep-toe heels, accenting the look with silver jewelry, letting her hair loose and a bit curly, and going a tad bit darker with the eye makeup, Stephanie shows that she demands respect and will make you realize that she demands it 24/7. Take charge, Stephanie, and keep doing it in style!

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New WWE.com Diva Focus: Stephanie McMahon – Chief Fashionable Officer: Photos

Hot Off The Press: WWE 2K14 Roster Renders Released!
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As any of you fashionable gamers out there know it’s that time of year again. The official roster has been released and we have the first look at the renders for each girl! 5 current Divas and one attitude area legend as well as the leader of the “Queendom” are on the roster. We can’t forget that there is also a non playable  legendary lady who made the cut for WWE 2K14!  This year we get Natalya, Lita, Layla, Kaitlyn, current Divas Champion AJ, Aksana and, for the 30 years of Wrestlemania feature, Miss Elizabeth makes her first  appearance as well! With her increased involvement as of late it’s only fitting that Stephanie is in the game again this year. Growing up I loved her and to this day love the attitude she brings. Having Natalya in the game will please the women’s wrestling purists. Personally I felt her in game model was the best of all of the ladies last year so it will be exciting to see how she as well as the other ladies translate into the game this year. Layla is a mainstay for the most part and makes perfect sense to be included but of all divas included Kaitly and AJ seem to be the most fitting. With the year both ladies have had and the fan base this will be a huge drawn for their fans. Next up is Aksana. It feels like every year they have a somewhat random diva thrown into the mix and this year Aksana was the lucky lady which I’m looking forward to. Now one woman you can NOT forget about when you think of the 30 years of Wrestlemania  is Miss Elizabeth. She captivated everyone with her class, kind heart, grace, and constant lady-like ways and was a intricate part of WWE for many years involved with the top superstars of the time. To this day many consider her the first lady (sorry Summer Rae and Maria) of wrestling. With ALL of the girls I think it goes without saying that its exciting to see what gear they will be wearing in the game.  Until videos are released,  we will have to wait since Lita and Miss Elizabeth are the only ones to be seen quickly in the release trailers. We won’t have to wait for long though since WWE 2K14 will hit stores Oct. 29 in the U.S., followed by a Nov. 1 European release.

Work It! Weekly Round-Up (July 7 – July 13, 2013)
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WWE Raw: Kaitlyn & Layla vs AJ Lee & Alicia Fox ended in a no contest. The Bella Twins were on commentary for the match.

Also on WWE Raw: During Vickie Guerrero‘s job evaluation which was presented by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Mr. McMahon, Vickie Guerrero ended up losing her job as voted by the WWE Universe on the WWE App. Vickie threw a temper tantrum following the news. It got worse when Mr. McMahon announced Brad Maddox as the new Raw General Manager.

WWE NXT: Emma def. Summer Rae in a Semi Finals Match in the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.

Impact Wrestling: Gail Kim def. Taryn Terrell in a Ladder Match to become the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship. ODB served as referee. Knockouts Champion Mickie James was watching ringside. Another amazing match between these two!

Friday Night Smackdown: Contract signing between AJ Lee & Kaitlyn for their Money in the Bank match this Sunday. Teddy Long is managing the signing. NaomiCameronNatalyaAksanaLaylaAlicia Fox and Big E. Langston are all out as well. After the contracts were signed, AJ revealed s0me of the texts Kaitlyn sent back before she new her secret admirer was AJ. The texts talked trash about Naomi, Cameron and Natalya. Kaitlyn attacks AJ as the others clear the ring. Big E. tries to restrain Kaitlyn but recieves a major slap for his effort. Kaitlyn then delivers a huge spear on AJ.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell from Impact!

FashionHap (July 11, 2013): Divas At The WWE Performance Center Grand Opening
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Brie: WWE celebrated the opening of a new event center in Orlando, FL on Thursday, with a number of Superstars and Divas on hand, as well as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who looked stellar in her charcoal suit and white tee! As always, she was polished and professional…although perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to go with a pretty dress or pair a flowy skirt with that structured jacket, next time :-)There’s no reason a gorgeous business woman can’t have a little fashion fun too! On the subject of fun, let’s talk about this sexy cut-out dress Cameron was wearing! Ooo my: COLOR! How I love that shade! The graphic lines of the cut-outs keep this sheath very mod, while a pair of bangles add some sparkle (who doens’t love a little sparkle?). Natalya was chic as ever in her Hepburn-esque black dress and her black-and-nude pointy-toe pumps. I love the way she uses really special shoes to inject personality and distinctiveness into an otherwise simple ensemble! The Bellas were back to their matching ways in this stunning coral ruched dress. That’s another to-die-for color! The contrast with their dark hair is beautiful and the matching bright nails and lips make them look like a summer sunrise!

FashionHap (July 11, 2013): Divas At The WWE Performance Center Grand Opening: Photos

Work It! Weekly Round-Up (June 30 – July 6, 2013)
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WWE Raw: Kaitlyn w/Layla def. Alicia Fox. Immediately following the match, AJ Lee makes her way out w/Big E. AJ calls Kaitlyn trash and reveals an old model picture of Kaitlyn before her WWE days, back when she was “young” & “desperate”. It turns out to be a photo shopped picture of an overweight person with Kaitlyn’s face on it. Kaitlyn laughs it off, as it seems AJ isn’t getting into Kaitlyn’s head anymore.

Also on WWE Raw: Eva Marie & Jo-Jo Offerman from “Total Divas” introduce themselves to Brie & Nikki Bella. The Bellas soon show their true evil side but soon comes Natalya, Cameron & Naomi. Lots of verbal jabs at one another. “Total Divas” preview for those who couldn’t tell.

Also on WWE Raw: Stephanie McMahon met up with Vickie Guerrero to inform her that next week on Raw, Vickie will be getting an “official job evaluation”. Steph tells Vickie that she could be promoted to Raw General Manager or she could loose her job all together. Stephanie leaves us with an interesting line, “It’s the most beautiful thing about Raw, its unpredictable. You just never know whats going to happen next!”

Also on WWE Raw: For those keeping score at home, the lovely Summer Rae returned to Raw, once again near the side of the also returning Faaan-daaaaang-ooooo.

WWE NXT: Paige def. Alicia Fox in a Semi Finals Match in the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.

TNA Xplosion: Taryn Terrell def. Tara, ODB served as Referee.

WWE Superstars: Natalya w/Eva Marie def. Naomi w/Cameron via Submission.

TNA Impact Wrestling: Mickie James is out with a ladder in the ring and basically lets everyone know that shes the best and that whomever wins the Knockouts Ladder match next week won’t have a chance against her. As she is the “Heart breaking, history making, Knockouts Champion of the century, Mickie James!”

WWE Smackdown: Alicia Fox def. Kaitlyn w/Layla. AJ Lee distracted Kaitlyn during the match, allowing Alicia to get the roll-up victory. Kaitlyn chases AJ to the back after the match.

WWE Smackdown Continued: AJ bumps into The Bella Twins backstage who inform AJ that the Divas Championship will be theirs soon. (And yes, AJ provided a 90′s “Sister, Sister” referece). AJ then runs into Big E. and tells him that they need to get out of there. Big E. wants to wait on Dolph, but AJ decides not to wait and they both leave the arena.

TNA One Night Only Hardcore Justice 2: ODB def. Jacqueline in a Hardcore Knockouts Match. (Taped in March)

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Natalya vs Naomi from WWE Superstars

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