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These Weeks In Fashion (Feb 9-Mar 1): Knowledge=Power=Roar
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WWE brands their divas as “Smart. Sexy. Powerful”. It’s a great catchphrase, not just for divas in the ring but for divas in all walks of life. Life’s a challenge; you need power. Who doesn’t want to be the jungle queen of their own Roar video? Power doesn’t just come from the gym and muscle fitness. It comes from being mistress of factoids, as well. Arm yourself with knowledge; it will give you the strength to move through life’s war zones with confidence. In fashion, it means understanding what you’re buying..and I don’t mean brand names. Brand is great, but only if there’s the quality behind it that you expect. Not long ago, I got a designer piece that was complete crap: see-through, poorly lined and stitching as crooked as an entrenched politician. Thank Gaga, I only bought it for the color, a new lining can be added and the stitching can be fixed…AND I got it on sale. But it’s crazy important to know what to look for, to KNOW what good stitching is,to know what “bias-cut” and “princess seam” mean – why they are used and what they do for your fabulous self, to know that when the print lines up on the seams of a garment, it means quality. Knowledge is out there and it’s yours for the taking, so grab your palm sceptre and get roaring. Continue reading »

This Week In Fashion (Feb 2-8, 2014): Screeching Into Blandsville
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Soooooo 99.9% of the time, the ladies we love rock us, wow us and send us into stylegasms with their fierceness and ferocity. Aaaand then, every so often, we take a little drive to the town of Blandsville. (You can find it on Google maps just slightly south of Way-The-Hail- Out-There and east of a whole lot of tumbleweed.) This is one of those little vaca in Blandsville weeks.  Let the sadness commence.

Stephanie McMahon: My first thought was “brava!” It’s sooo great not to see Steph in a suit! As in, scooore. Big time. And it IS great to see her going back to dresses and chaning things up for us. I even love how she’s experimenting with this season’t super-hot tea-length: sexy without showing all you own = major score! And then, I realized she’s paired it with…boots. Um, what? Steph, honey, no.  Wait, let me guess…you WERE reaching for the ultra-fab pointy-toe pumps when mini-Steph or mini-Hunter flicked off the light, tried to bodyslam the coffee table or caused some other genetcially-predictable chaos. And you got distracted, so you missed the pumps and grabbed the boots, right? That’s it, isn’t it?

Alicia Fox: TGFFF. No, that’s not a mis-type. I really am thanking the Powers That Be for Foxy Fierce. She lends the lone spot of flawless brilliance ot this week…and it IS brilliant – red! It’s not a color we see tons of from Foxy, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t; it’s gorge! The sportswear inspiration behind her gear is cray trendy and def HOT…but seriously – imagine working out in THIS! This is workout wear kicked up into fabulosity – bold stripes, hint of all-over glitter. Mmm-mmm. Bench 100? Why yes sir, I can…did you want to see that in the gym or…:)

Emma: The Wizardress of Oz hits middle ground this week. She’s trying. I give her that. I dig the pants hard – that moto look is sooo cool. I know, I know, ‘cool’ isn’t what Emma shoots for, but  a comedienne can make us smile just as well looking fierce as not. The striped tee is ok and the Emma-lution tee is more ok. They just don’t have that shazaam, that shot of intrigue and inspiration that makes it rock. A moto jacket over the top might help…or dropping the boots down to ankle-length and going for Western-tinged or studded motorcycle. Knotting the tees high for a cropped look might do it too. It just needs a dash of something. Kinda like this whole fashion week.

Ah well, there’s always next week..*breaks into chorus* “tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day aaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay” . …Were ya scared????? :D

FashionHap (Nov 21, 2013): Stephanie McMahon Named One Of CableFAX’s Most Powerful Women in Cable
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Normally, we see Stephanie McMahon rocking the business suit, or if she does wear a dress, it tends to be on the darker side. However, while being named one of CableFAX’s Most Powerful Women in Cable, Steph changed up her look to a much softer one, namely with the color! She wore a white, high neckline, sleeveless dress that went down to her knees. She accessorized with a thin brown belt and silver bracelet. Her brown boots match her belt perfectly and she kept the makeup minimal. So not only is she one of the most powerful women in cable, but I think it’s safe to say she’s one of the most fashionable as well!

FashionHap (Nov 21, 2013): Stephanie McMahon Named One Of CableFAX’s Most Powerful Women in Cable: Photos

These Weeks In Fashion (Oct 27-Nov 16): Smorgasboard
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Tamina: Leather overalls prob aren’t first on your list when you think “fashionista”, but this is a fantastic thought from Tamina! It is SO her! It’s tough and laid-back and has the cool street sense that just meshes perfectly with her personality. I’m enraptured when she does looks like this – it’s fashionable and totally fierce, while also being completely true to herself. Rock on with that bad self, girlfriend! It never looked so good!

Summer Rae: Summer changes things up from her usual t-straps and goes with a much more ring-ready look here. She’s echoed the Bellas with OTK-leg covers and kept the danceability in plain view with plenty of flirty fringe.  As any Barbie Blank fan knows, there are few things prettier on a blonde than gold, so this look is another win for the First Lady of NXT.

Eva Marie: This is version 2 of ring gear for Eva, and I think it’s way better than her original one-piece in white we saw before. This two piece style is much more flattering, you really can’t go wrong with shorts, and the top has a unique cut out design leading up to a collar neckline. The darker color also lets her bright red hair really pop. Continue reading »


We’re so used to seeing Stephanie McMahon rocking the business suit look that this is a refreshing change! To accept the Sports Legacy Institute Impact Award foe 2013, along with her husband Triple H, so wore this beautifully designed, sleeveless, above the knee dress. I love the swirls of white, black, grey, and orange, which creates such an intricate pattern. It’s very different than what we normally see her wearing. The round, high neckline would make any necklace look a little out of place, plus it would likely get lost in the pattern. However, Stephanie did accessorize with a fierce studded clutch – and her wedding ring, of course!

FashionHap (Oct 23, 2013): Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Accept Sports Legacy Institute’s 2013 Impact Award: Photos

New WWE.com Diva Focus: Stephanie McMahon – Chief Fashionable Officer
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Jessy: Hello, boss lady! If you’ve been keeping up with RAW lately, you’ll know that not only is Stephanie McMahon ruling over the wrestlers alongside her husband, Triple H, but she’s doing it in style and this photoshoot is no exception! The daughter of the CEO of WWE has been rocking the suit jacket every week, which you can see in this photoshoot paired with a matching skirt and a black shirt underneath. She keeps this look simple, wearing pearl earrings and keeping the make up low-key and her hair straight. However, when it comes time to slip into the sexy red dress, Steph is a force I definitely would not want to mess with. Wearing strappy black peep-toe heels, accenting the look with silver jewelry, letting her hair loose and a bit curly, and going a tad bit darker with the eye makeup, Stephanie shows that she demands respect and will make you realize that she demands it 24/7. Take charge, Stephanie, and keep doing it in style!

Get your marching orders by following Stephanie on twitter  and take a coffee break with DivaFiercecom too!

New WWE.com Diva Focus: Stephanie McMahon – Chief Fashionable Officer: Photos

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