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New WWE.com NXT Summer Vacation Photoshoot: Paige – Cool ‘Tude
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: September 5th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: It seems like Paige had a fairly awesome summer vacation – as one would expect :). She did a bit of reading – nothing like stretching out in a comfy chair with a good book-, a bit of nail polishing – ‘cuz hey, a girl’s gotta feel good about how she looks – and a bit of posing.  The result is an inviting, raw kind of summer ‘shoot that feels like selfies…but with a photographer. We get front-of-my-mirror attitude with professional quality: cool!…And Paige def is!  I’ve raved over this black holographic bikini before and I welcome the chance to do it again! What better way to add summery, girly playfulness to a chic black bikini than with holographs? She gives us some edgy-sporty vibes with her mesh crop top, some vintage with her high-waisted chino shorts and some attitude with her snake print strappy wedges. And then, she throws us a real curveball with that technicolor rainbow belt! That’s not an accessory that I would see somewhere and think “Oh Paige would love that!”, but it works here, adding a bit more spice to her quirky mix of toughgirl-hip-athlete-noncomformist style. She rocks her facials, as always, giving us bored, pouty, pensive and glam-girl (with the barest hint of sarcasm, perhaps?) and does a creditable job on her poses, as well. Leave it to Paige to always look like the coolest chick in the place to hang with!

New WWE.com NXT Summer Vacation Photoshoot: Paige – Cool ‘Tude: Photos

New FitPregnancy.com Interview & Twitter Photoshoot: Christy Hemme – Oh, Baby!
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 29th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Wow – Christy knows how to make a splash! What a great way to announce your new bundle of joy – with a photoshoot..or rather, two! It’s unexpected and creative – just like so much Christy has done for the Knockouts. The classic feel of the first set of snaps is great – it’s like a party in photos, especially with her boa and horn. Major props to her significant, Charley Patterson for the bow and tie and top hat…how very debonair! (Yes, fellas: women love  man who knows how to dress for the occasion!). Christy’s plunge-neckline halter dress is sexy, but with modern elegance. The side pony is a perfect touch. As for the next set of snaps: OMG that yellow dress is spectacular!!! A pregnant body can be hard to dress…leave it to Christy to be incredibly fashionable and amazing while doing so! There’s a way to say enough, without saying too much and this is so it!  Besides, the color is keel-over-worthy (especially if you’re like me and adore yellow anything…seriously…I love…wheebarrows if they’re yellow :) ) What color could possibly be more evocative of the joy an expectant parent feels than this glorious shade of sunshine yellow? Christy’s kept that going with bright accessories and fantabulous cuffed sandals (madly love those!). I would so steal this outfit! No need to be pregnant; it looks fab either way. And since Christy’s one the new-arrival side: our heartiest congrats and very BEST wishes to Christy and Charley!

Fitpregnancy.com Article: Here christy-hemme.net Photos :Here

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Brittany – Icy Cool
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 29th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: If we needed a reminder that it’s still summer this shoot from Brittany is it! Back to school, schmack to school: summer goes through almost the whole month of September and we plan to savor every last creamy drop! She’s sporting a crystal-sprinkled bikini in a gorgeous shade of blue turquoise. It’s bright and crisp, gorgeous against tanned skin…and perfect to dangle your feet over an adirondack chair in and eat ice cream :) If I had to guess, I’d say ice cream was one of the harder props to work with (that whole melting thing), but Brit does a nice job. It highlights her pretty smile for sure! I wish she’d taken more chances with her poses, but as I said: the prop had to be a challenge. The ice cream store background was a great shoot location, very vintage Americana. I wouldn’t have minded seeing her make more use of that – it could have been really fun. Her laying-on-the-bench pose is a highlight shot, though and she gets major Fierce points for the mint toe polish – SO cool and summery! #WantSome :) …and I think I’ll take one of those ice ceam cones too lol

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Brittany – Icy Cool: Photos

WWE.com Diva Day Off: Alicia Fox – Picture Perfect
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 29th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Ssly, how CUTE is this outfit?! I LOVE it! This is the funky, playful side of Alicia! How many times have I said she can do ANYthing with fashion? Well, here we get a demo. She’s found this fab set of crazy-color-printed shorts…they’re wild and fun and frankly, awesome! …especially those sexy zippered sides! She pairs them perfectly with a simple gray cropped tank which balances out all the color and print on the bottom. But she keeps our world rocking with those super-cool cabana-striped peeptoe wedges. Ogh – how fantastic are those? They’re like candy for your feet! (Check out Nine West ChillPill and Karmic from last season for something similar). Plus, shorts+heels re: a deadly hot combo (I have been informed by a good authority;) ).She keeps the teasing-pleaseing feel of the shoot going with relaxed, flirty poses…and a few serious ones, as she gives us a glimpse at her sketching and photography. The glasss help out on those…but she can’t fool us for long: serious isn’t where this cool girl’s heart stays! She has waaay too much fun with fashion and art …and with shoots like this, so do we :)

WWE.com Diva Day Off: Alicia Fox – Picture Perfect: Photos

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Gail Kim – She’s The Champ
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: August 28th, 2014 • (0)


Kim: The color, the lace, the plunge! Oh my Gail Kim, you’ve outdone yourself with this new gear. And oh look, you have the perfect accessory to go along with it, the Knockout Championship! That’s right, we’re getting the new champion shoot to review here. There isn’t much that hasn’t been done in a championship shoot, but Gail keeps is fresh with a few poses we don’t see all that often. My favourite picture without a doubt is the one on the far left, everything about it works perfectly. Her hair is all pulled to one side, the KO title is draped over her shoulder, and she’s sitting down not cross legged, but lifting her knee up a bit. It’s different! What really stands out about this shoot, and I alluded to it in the beginning, is the color of her new gear. Mixed with the back lace, this stunning cyan just pops like woah! Gails walks like a champion, poses like a champion, and dresses like a champion :)

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Gail Kim – She’s The Champ: Photos

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Rebel – Yin & Yang
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 25th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Rebel finally gets a spot on WrestlingKnockouts.com and a new solo photoshoot woot woot! She chose a great black and white graphic print dress with sheer side panels and a low scoopneck front. With all that, plus the bodycon style, there’s plenty of sexy goin’ on!  She accessorizes nicely with a bold silver+crystal bracelet, classic black platform stilettos and a sprinkling of rings. The collected small jewelry paired with a statement piece keeps this ensemble feeling very “right now”. The black and white color combo is spot on trend as well. Fashion-wise, this is a nice change-up  for Rebel; its more club-girl than we’ve seen her do before and she works it just as well.  Her poses are more tried-and-true in this set of snaps, so I look forward to seeing what rebellion she comes up with in that department. I’m sure it will be worth waiting for! The center shot here is an indication of what she’s capable of – looking down and backwards, with that graceful arm swung back is a fresh take and a definite keeper! It could easily become a signature pose.

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Rebel – Yin & Yang :Photos

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