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FashionHap: Total Divas S3E16
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 8th, 2015 • (0)


Brie: Time to do some fashionably late catching up on Total Divas! :) Let’s start with Paige! Paige always has a unique look and it works best for me when she stays unexpected – matching boots with a dress, or, as she does here, pairing seriously awesome lace-up heels with olive motorcycle pants, a crop top, stud belt…and a touch of fur! The heels *make* this look, by adding the slash of style that says “Yeah, I did this on purpose. I can be cool, and a rebel and still catwalk. Deal with it.” In this case, heels=’tude…and I love ‘tude! Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Nikki Bella – #FF=Fashionably Fearless!
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Brie: lot of black & red around these parts lately :) ..not complaining, just observing! Nikki Bella gives us a full-on fashion show of the color combo in her latest shoot, while also giving us a survey course in style after style that she rocks. Case Study #1: Sporty Chic – let your game face shine with a bright red lip and a mesh mini dress! Keep the cool coming with a jauntily tilted baseball cap. Add a pinch of subtle jewelry with personal meaning. And lastly, walk like you own the joint :). Case Study #2: Rock Star/Party Girl – that means STUDS…on your dress (and then on your arm ;)..and following you home :)). This v-neck, zip-front, stud embellished…AND scalding! hot red dress is my fave of the group. It’s gorgeous, fabulous and got plenty of attitude – how very Nikki! :) Some ladies might be tempted to let up on the red and go with black pumps, but not fearless Nikki! She goes for full-throttle red pumps – pointy toe, no less! Sha-zam! Continue reading »

FashionHap: Total Divas S3E15+Raw
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 2nd, 2015 • (0)

FH TD s3ep15 except nat frm RAW

Brie: Being unexpected is a good thing! It’s what keeps fashion from getting humdrum, keeps you looking forward to heading to your closet. After a long winter (or summer :) ) of wearing a lot of the same thing, it’s easy to get bored or in a rut. Here’s the thing, though: “unexpected” can happen a ton of different ways. There are so many ways to play with style ideas: unexpected color pairings (gray and yellow…popped with orange!) , unexpected texture/fabric pairings (leather and silk, suede and lace, sequins and denim), unexpected length and layer pairings (a cropped jacket over a tunic), unexpected element pairings (combat boots with a frilly dress). That’s where fashion lets us invent and re-invent, so we keep having fun! ‘Cuz at heart, fashion IS all about fun!

There’s plenty that’s fun about Alicia Fox’s fashion and I LOVE this crop top and skinny pant pairing! The black and white is uber trendy, but even more fabulous is the contrast between her casual tank and her satin skinny pants – those pants immediately elevate the ensemble. And she plays that out with her fantastic ponty-toe T-strap sandals. Magnifique, dahling! Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photo Gallery: Floor It!
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: February 28th, 2015 • (0)


Brie: So, there’s this…thing…that happens during the translation from print and screen to the real world. Real life is not only stranger than fiction, it’s bigger than fiction. It adds force and drama to things that look quite tame when viewed through the lens of some media or other. You copy something you see on a screen to real life exactly …because you’re obsessed with that look… and all of a sudden you’ve blown over the line to trashy faster than an Earnhart across the finish. Fail? Oh crud. Yep. A shoot like this is a perfect example. Is it amazeballs on screen? Helsinki yeah! (And we’ll get to that.) But when you translate it to real life, give it a little fog, a little mist-ery :), a fuzz brush – so that when it’s on you, you stay fantastic, never trashtastic.

The Divas got to put the pedal to the metal with this set of snaps. Summer kicks it  off with a leather crop top and a flame pencil skirt. The heavy chain necklace is an awesome addition! I’m also a fan of the ultra-pale lip+ strong eyes combo. It doesn’t interfere with the outfit, but it still allows the focus to be on Summer. And, of course, I’ve saved the best for last: she hits a home run on ‘trendy’ with these fringed OTK boots. Yum! The only thing on my wishlist is that she’d given us a broader range of emotion – rock queen (think Debbie Harry, girl), snob, coquette, pouty…just more attitude! ‘Cuz this look could totally have worked with that. Continue reading »

FashionHap: Fastlane PPV
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: February 28th, 2015 • (0)

FH Fastlane PPV

Brie: Yeeah, you probably saw the Bella Twins walk out and your first thought was “Brie is going to RAVE about this”. No? Not your first thought? For real? Lol. But I AM going to rave!!!! Nikki‘s new gear is fantasmic and I have loved it pretty much since she debuted it. In yellow? Agghh. Keel over. #BringMeSmellingSalts. I want it. Don’t tell me I’ll never make it inside the WWE’s squared circle..or ANY squared circle for that matter. I don’t care. I’m a  creative gal. I’ll find a way to wear it. In the shower, if I have to :). This shade of yellow is sunny, flawless and, to me, heaven! And Brie‘s outfit? Just as fab! She gives us another look at the dress she wore for the Kiss Kiss shoot. This time, she takes it mod-fierce with OTK’s, layred necklaces and a yellow and black plaid bomber jacket: hello, dreamy! (Yet another piece from the Bella’s closet that I crave!) Continue reading »

FH E Cntdwn to Red Carpet

Brie: As E! counted down to last Sunday’s Oscars, we got to check out a couple of Diva’s in formal garb – always worthwhile! Maria Menounos showed us how to be a stun gun on the red carpet, choosing a gorgeous one-shoulder princess-seamed satin gown, accented with crystals at the bodice. This dress is completely amazing! Her chic up-do completes the formal feel to perfection. Continue reading »

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