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Fabulous Flashback: The Bella Twins – November 22/2010
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Remember way back in 2010 when Brie and Nikki Bella were fighting over Daniel Bryan’s attention? Who would have guessed that storyline would bring two people together in real life, and now they’re happily married! That may have come to some as a surprise, but what shouldn’t have surprised any of us was the awesome fashion we got to see from The Bella Twins! This is a perfect example of the two matching outfits, without being totally identical. I’m not 100% sure if these are dresses or a skirt/top combination, either way, they looked fabulous! Brie rocked royal blue sequin, black racer-back top, and a big silk bow wrapped around her waist like a belt. Nikki sported jet black sequin, red tank top, and a belt with a matte silver buckle. She also gets props for the red flower in her hair, which was signature Bella style at the time.

How To Be…Madison For Halloween
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So, you’d like to Madison Rayne for Halloween? No prob! Step one: find yourself a great cropped, halter top…possibly with a lace-up detail. (We’d recommend checking out bikini tops for a quick on-sale replica). Pair it up with a matching A-line skirt (ruffles and side-slit optional :)). Then grab yourself a pair of flat boots. Mid-calf combat style used to be Madison’s fave, but she’s been switching into a to-the-knee style lately, so do whatever floats your ducks! If you really want to be authentic, pick up some material at a fabric store and make yourself some wide wristbands too. Maddy’s moved on from her Queen Bee era, but we all know she’s still royalty at heart, so break out your tiara and wear it with pride! ..And attitude! Lastly, find two pretty girls who seriously don’t like you (and c’mon, who hasn’t got a couple of those hanging around? :)). Have them follow you on your candy-collecting rounds. It won’t hurt if they’re blonde and blonde-ish and wear a lot of pink and black ;). Put it all together and shazam: here’s lookin at you Madison Rayne!

InstaGLAM: Taryn Terrell, Lana, Eva Marie
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: October 15th, 2014 • (1)


Taryn Terrell (@taryn_terrell) – Oct 10/2014: There is nothing wrong with being a little bit silly, a little bit goofy. Life is way to short to always take things seriously, right? That’s 100% right! Thanks for the reminder, Taryn!

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How To Be…Lana For Halloween
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To be WWE’s resident Russian beauty, you’ll need  to suit up! Lana’s wardrobe staple is a three button, slightly cropped jacket, paired with a mini pencil skirt. Gray, black, navy pinstripe – the color doesn’t matter, just keep it work appropriate!.. Except for that Motherland-sized dollop of sexy ;) Lana keeps things pretty bare under her buttoned-up jacket, so if you need another layer, keep it low-cut enough to be barely visible. Go for  pointy toe wedges, just like Lana…and for the same reason: power style+comfort. Finish off the look with a tightly coiled bun: smooth, business-like and with no stray hairs in sight. Practice up on your Russian accent (remember its “vaudka”…sounds like “bought”) and be prepared to say “Speciba” to anyone brave enough to hand you candy. You’ll want to tote a pic of Putin or a Russian flag along with you to make sure your political sentiments are loud and clear. And it won’t hurt if you can dig up a large, hairy, preferably somewhat-Russian-looking minion to accompany you…or at least lumber along in your general vicinity. With all that pulled together, you’ll be easily mistaken for Lana!


New WWE.com Photoshoot: Summer Rae – Red Hot, Blackout
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Brie: I love the Diva Day Off shoots, but it’s so much fun to get to see higher fashion shoots sometimes too! I can’t help it – I love me some haute couture :) Summer‘s given us two different looks for this set of snaps, both of them trendy. First up is an über-sexy red lace dress (lace is still everywhere and staying there!), lined in nude fabric…which makes it all the more tantalizing! And she lets the focus stay on the pretty lace and flirt factors by leaving all the accessories at home. Simple black pumps finish the look in classic style. Summer goes a bit more NY club girl with look #2, a form-fitting black tank dress. The dress defines minimal: no pattern, no embellishment, no unique characteristics, making it the perfect canvas for accessories with some punch, like Summer’s oversize watch, bar pendant necklace and those especially lovely and rather scintillating CL Gortik booties. Yum! That’s how ya spice up a tank dress! She does quite well with her poses too, exploring some new ground in stances with the full body shoots – the bending forward pose throws a nice twist on a classic. We see several variations of winning smiles and come-hither-eyes in her facials, which work wonderfully. It would be tons of fun to see her explore even more emotions: bored, pouty, snobby, over-it, pensive, exhilarated, coquette-ish, confident – and push the boundary even further. She gets massive props for working the hands-in-her hair and touching her face – that is so where we’re loving to see her go! Now, how about even more? :) …more extreme, more edgey – pulling on her hair, picking it up, flipping it as she looks down, looking up from under it and not touching just her chin, but her neck, her cheeks…oh yeah, girl: you got that!

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Summer Rae – Red Hot, Blackout: Photos

Play It Again, Sam!: Lacey Von Erich – No Place Like Home
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Kim: Ok, ok, I promise that not all of our “PIAS” will feature blonde bombshells in blue plaid… but can you blame me? It’s a peanut butter and jelly like combination, it just work so well! So this week, we have former TNA Knockout, former member of The Beautiful People, and part of the Von Erich  wrestling family…. Lacey Von Erich! She’s channeling Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto. All we need now is a yellow brick road, plus a few companions to go on the adventure with! Though… I don’t remember Dorothy’s dress being quite that short in the original, or being able to show off her.. assets, that well. Ah, but remember what they say about Halloween ;) But in all seriousness, like our last PIAS, this is a mix of playful and sexy, and there is nothing wrong with that! Plus, I love the lace trim along the bottom of the skirt; it adds an extra flirty touch. However, if you want to talk flirty, check out that over the shoulder smile!

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