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FashionHap: Early Aug 2015, Pt. 1
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 21st, 2015 • (0)

FH early aug pt 1 coll1

Brie: Soooo, August is starting out a lot like July, with a lot of killage going on, lovelies! And with Summer Slam looming, it’s looking like there’s plenty to come. So, let’s get to it, shall we? :D Hold on to your stilettos!

Brie Bella does some ‘fancy’ for us below, but here, she gives us casual with a vengeance! It’s a super-trendy denim-on-denim combo that she gives a boho twist to, with her  bead bracelets and silver statement ring. This look is just made for a pair of fringed booties! ;) Concurrently, Nikki Bella is pushing the fashion envelope, with a printed pantsuit and …wait for it…elbow gloves! Shazam! If the print isn’t gorgeous-summer-y enough for you, if the deep-v isn’t jaw-dropping enough for you, if the spark of red in her oh-so-fab tote isn’t bold enough for you, how about those satin gloves? Those are audacious, daring…and fabulous!! Nikki rocked the print a second time, with her crop-top and maxi skirt pairing. This look is softer, more modern-vintage, more femme, less fierce. I still dig it, though! :-) And lastly, we caught up a glimpse of Emma on a recent visit to Warner Brothers’ studios, where she showed off her trademark laidback style. She paired a mixed-print crop top – which looks like it could double as ring gear (not a bad thing)- with skinny jeans. Strong make-up kicks the look up a notch. Continue reading »

FeminINEism :)
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 14th, 2015 • (0)


I dress like..
I dress like a film star.
I dress like I don’t give a &^%# what anyone thinks.
I dress like I respect myself.
I dress like I know exactly who I am.
I dress like the person I want to become.
I dress like a lady.
I dress like  a punk.
I dress like whatever the h**l is clean.
I dress like Vogue.
Lately, I’ve fallen in love with feminine dressing. My whole life, I’ve never been afraid to appropriate men’s stuff if I felt like it. But my new love is rapacious beauty: lace, crochet, tulle, chiffon layers. I’m crazy over looks from de la Renta, Alice and Oliva, Sachin and Babi…anything that says boldly: I’m a lady.It sounds a bit like feminism, but it isn’t. I grew up in the age of grrl power, but I don’t consider myself a feminist. I’m an equalist. The feminist movement was never supposed to turn into women acting like men. It was supposed to be about women being fully appreciated as women. I think women have always known,within, that they have the capability to do pretty much anything men do, with equal capabiltity or more. If you have any doubts, see what the Divas and KOs are doingand have been doing. Getting in that ring takes balls. Brass ones. But I also don’t think that means giving up being a woman. What fun would that be? ;) Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: You Say You Want A Revolution
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 11th, 2015 • (0)


Brie: Yep, they do indeed rule! …but which ones? :) Apparently, that’s what we’re going to find out in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, the Big Dub has given us a 3×3 preview of the contenders. Seriously, how much FUN is it that we have three teams of THREE  divas each, vying for the title? I love this!!! Each group of ladies has some strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes it really fascinating because it’s not about one group being waaay better, but about who can work together the best and turn that to their advantage. This holds up pretty well for their fashion too ;)  (do I get a point for the segue? Betcha were wondering how I’d work that in, huh? :) )

Let’s start with the team that currently holds the title. If it were decided on style, that belt would be in the same place because Team Bella is easily the strongest of the teams, with all three ladies having a rock solid sense of fashion! The Twins are currently showcasing their sporty+grunge/boho leanings, with Nikki slaying the athletic gear with sexy overtones and Brie leaving carnage in her wake with her fierce-grunge interpretations. From lace-up to plaid, they flawlessly mix without matching, and show off their unique style in sisterly harmony. Sure, they’ll reinvent their style again soon – as they always do – but this interation is plenty cool! Like the Twins, Alicia Fox metamorphosizes her style. It’s a fab attribute because it keeps us guessing on the edge of our seat about what she’s going to do next. I’m still over-the-moon impressed about how cool she managed to make this skirt look (see FashionHap: Late July 2015, Pt 2 for more ravings :)).  The red and black suits her perfectly as she brings her own urban-tinged attitude to Team Bella, giving them one more ace in a nearly unbeatable fashion hand. Continue reading »

FashionHap: Late July 2015, Pt 2
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 10th, 2015 • (0)

FH late Juy coll4

Brie: Wheeeeeew was there a ton-load of awesome fashion in July! We’ll hit the last of it in this post for ya (and then on to some more great Aug fashion..scores-ies :)). Have I mentioned that I adore fashion? Heehee…

OK, Paige looks quite out of place in this dress and I’m sure that’s because this is waaaay different from her usual punk chick look. She really shouldn’t feel that way, though. This is a GORGEous gown, fitted perfectly and the deep red color is stunning on her. It’s quite feminine, with the big floral rosette on her shoulder. She could tone that down a bit by tossing a leather jacket over the top. But, really, all she needs to do is carry her head high and OWN this dress. That’s the only thing that stops her from rocking it, because rock it she could! (PS How about adding her wide-brimmed hat from the Total Divas’ tea day to this? How chic would that be? Yep yep.)

Woops – somehow I skipped this fantastic green dress of Lilian‘s from early July and I need to talk about it because it’s fab! The radiating sequins, the color, oh my! This is such a great piece! Pair it with sandals now and with tights and ankle booties for (ugh, dare I mention them?) winter (shudder) parties. PS her mid-height pony is awesome – it’s so fresh, but not too formal.

Dixie’s back on radar again with this one-shoulder paisley print dress. I love the pretty black and white contrast. Paisley has always been one of my fave prints. On my wishlist here would be less chunky shoes. I’d love these with wide-leg jeans, but a more delicate pair here would have fit the softness of the dress. Chunky-heeled sandals would be just the ticket and would fit the 70’s vibe. I just know Dixie’s got a pair or two of those in her closet :) Continue reading »

Absolutely …Fabulous!
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: August 7th, 2015 • (0)

FabulousCoverBrie: One thing I really love getting to do here is introduce you fabulous people to more fabulous peoples! :) One of the amazing duos who have been inspiring me like crazy lately is Diana and Alina aka The Fabulous Muses. You need to check out their website fabulousmuses.net. Their photos are seriously AMAZING! They remind me of Diana Vreeland in that they take every ordinary, humdrum fantasy you ever had and conjure up the glam side of it. They will put you hand-in-hand with your fabulous side, in all it’s glorious daydreams! They are major fans of dresses (day and evening – and evening dresses worn during the day! :)), shopping, magical adventures and coffee ;). Whether they are traipsing the city streets in lace skirts and silk shirtdresses, catching a dusk-hidden taxi in ballgowns, savoring the fruits of summer, dancing down boulevards in ripped denim and sneakers or practicing pilates, they know not only how to rock their looks, but to draw you into their enchanted world and ignite your imagination! So, toddle off and be inspired! ..but then come back here because… Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana – Body By Ballet
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Brie: We get to take a look at Lana‘s workout style in WWE’s latest Body Series shoot. What struck me first is that this is one of the most beautiful workout shoots I’ve ever seen! It starts with the gorgeous settings. Lana’s ballet room has magnificent architecture and furniture: old doors with a lovely patina and an elegant mirror. Her krav maga room has enormous windows that let in tons of brilliant light. Both look like amazing spaces to work out in! Next, the contrast of Lana’s scarlet leotard against the white room is stunning and manages to look both Old-World enchanting and fiercely modern at the same time. Her poses are athletic and graceful and add to the artistry of the shoot. Then, she shifts gears to the gutsy, feisty martial art side of her workout with a pretty purple tank and simple black shorts. The color is aaaaahmazing…and it’s all that’s needed. It creates an eye-catching contrast that highlights Lana’s beauty, without taking away from her inspirational tough attitude. Her  braided pony is both practical and attractive, while her  softly flushed make-up with it peachy-rose eye palette is keel-over-worthy. And oh yeah, she has some great put-‘em-on-your-wall quotes too ;). This ‘shoot’s fantastic blend of beauty and strength makes it easily my fav of the Body Series so far. Brava, Lana!

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