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These Weeks In Fashion (10/26/14-11/15/14): Stiletto Fairytale Romance, Pt. 3 – The Denoument
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: November 16th, 2014 • (0)

TWIF10.26.14-11.15.14evasweddingcoll2 “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life” -from Ted Baker’s soles and countless other places :)

And that’s not all they can change: your day, your outlook, your mood, the way you feel about yourself. The glam girl side of me debuts when I’ve got hot shoes on…which is not to say I dont love rocking a personality-laden pair of flats now and then when I  desire or when the occasion warrants. Heck, I live part of every day in barn boots. But stilettos set me on fire. It’s been said that no matter what your body looks like, you can always find  a greatt pair of shoes. True! Footgasm-wear is utterly democratic. And it’s a place where fairy tales cross the border into our reality. Ted Baker prints a quote on the bottom of all of his shoes: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”. And Dorothy is proof that they will take you anywhere you want to go and that you’ve always had the power to get there within yourself (especially if you’re wearing a pair of red sequined stilettos ;)).  And if you love flats that’s all good too. The transformative power of fashion -it’s ability to bring out who we’ve always been, but never let shine, who we’ve grown into and who we want to be- is truly magical. So choose your magic wisely…and whatever you choose to do with your style,  do it with passion and love! Continue reading »

Fashionista of the Month: November
News posted by Alicia • Date Published on: November 15th, 2014 • (0)

Your ‘Fashionista of the Month’ for November is Angelina Love! I do want to apologize for the late posting, Angelina deserves extra the spotlight now. ;) Although I don’t think she needs a reason for being chosen, click here to read why we chose Miss Love.

Once Upon A Diva: Cinderella
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: November 14th, 2014 • (0)


Cinderella was a brave girl! Imagine: heading to a ball for your first time, alone! There you are among people you’ve never met, where you don’t know what’s expected or what will happen: that takes some serous guts to take a risk like that…AND pull it off! When we think of Divas with that kind of heart, Natalya comes immediately to mind. Coming from a famous family of wrestlers, she had a lot of expectations to live up to and a lot of questions to answer. She sure has, too! In addition to being an amzing wrestler herself, she’s put over countless members of new generations of divas and made them look spectacular in doing so. And bravery isn’t the only similarity between Nattie and Cinderella. Both ladies love animals. With Nattie’s adoration of all things feline, we’re pretty sure she could even have charmed Lucifer! Or at least gotten him to stop chasing her mice :) Finally, we can’t help but notice that they both have exquisite taste in shoes! :D Pretty heels have a magic all their own, so maybe its these two ladies’ flawless taste in footwear that helps them live the life they dreamed of!  Even a fairy tale life has to have an antagonist, though; that’s what makes success a true acheivement. It’s not worth as much if it’s too easy. ;) Stephanie McMahon seems like she could make a pretty decent evil Stepmother if she chose. Periodically, she gets the idea to make life difficult for some wrestler or other and we have no doubt she could darken Nattie’s days in a hurry. Any ol’ reason would do – maybe she just envies her shoe collection :) (and w/ good reason! Who doesn’t? :D) Steph probably doesn’t need help washing curtains or scrubbing stairs, but I bet she’s got lots of paperwork she’d like someone to do for her. How about setting up the ring, disciplining wayward talent, sweet-talking sponsors or taking a match against whoever she pleases? Can you see that making Steph’s day? Just a little, right? :)

FashionHap (10/28/14): Stephanie, Brie & Renee At Be A Star Rally in Santa Clara
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BAS Santa Claracoll

Brie: It has to be a good day in school when the ladies of WWE come to do a Be A Star rally. Not only do you get to miss some class time, but you get to study some awesome fashion instead. #WinWin :). This time around, Stephanie went with a white body-con dress, accented with slick black borders. The placement of the waist accents is fantastic, adding shape and visual drama. If you want to play up your curves in a classy way, take notes from Steph. The heathered fabric keep her dress on the more relaxed side, but she ups the trendiness quotient with black leather booties. So fab! I also love the warmth of her taupe-pink cheeks and  eyeshadow – they make a flawless counterpoint to the cool tones of her outfit. Renee also went the black and white route, pairing flat black ankle boots with an ivory fit-and-flare dress. She gets bonus points for staying with a warm white this time of year. We’ve seen her statement eagle necklace before and it works just as well here, adding a bit of pop and quirky formality to her pretty dress. Black and white worked for Brie too, but she added in a touch of super-trendy gray as well. I love how modern and bold her colorblocked sweater looks! I’m also doling out Fierce points to her for tucking her sweater in to these high-waisted pants, creating a sophisticated blouson look: so chic! She closes the ensemble with suede OTK boots that finish off her brilliant modern-classic balance perfectly.  Brava!

FashionHap (10/28/14): Stephanie, Brie & Renee At Be A Star Rally in Santa Clara :Photos

FashionHap (10/27/14): Natalya and Stephanie At Susan Komen Honorees’ Reception In Dallas
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Brie: Stephanie and Natalya met with Susan G. Komen honorees at a recent recpetion in Dallas. And wow, did Stephanie change things up! Dark suit? Business attire? No ma’am. She went with a mod printed fit and flare dress! How’s that for keeping us guessing? I wish we had gotten to see her shoes (lugubrious sigh :-)), but she gets fierce points for accessorizing with touches of smooth gold: bold hoops and a whisper of a ring.  Natalya gave us a sampling of her trademark classic style with a GORGEOUS sheath in an ever-so-appropriate shade of pink.  The tiny bow detail adds a hint of quiet chic – a classy detail that makes a minimalist sheath special. Again, we don’t get to see her shoes (Photog have something against shoe shots that day? Boo! :)) If I were strapped down and made to place a bet, I’d go with a pair of her famous nude pumps. Whatever her footwear, this shade of pink is stunning for Nattie, and she made the most of that with soft, shimmery make-up, highlighted by ice-pink lips. Ah, admiring sigh: so pretty!

FashionHap (10/27/14): Natalya and Stephanie At Susan Komen Honorees’ Reception In Dallas: Photos

WWE.com Diva Focus: AJ Lee – Return Of The Nerd Goddess
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Kim: Oh, my…. Weeee! Sorry, excuse my outburst -and the lateness of this review-  but… I’ve miss this so much! We’ve seen “Black Widow” AJ Lee for so long, but this is the return of the “Geek Goddess”. The AJ we first met back in the days of NXT Season 3. The smiley, cheery, fun-loving AJ who expressed her love of all things nerdy with her style. From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Minecraft, we get a variety of designs to admire. Each shirt is cut up in a distinct way, which is a staple feature of AJ’s look. If there’s a new way to cut it, tie it, and rock it, she’ll will figure it out. I think my favourite is the yellow, halter style TMNT. Seriously, go through the gallery so you can get a look at the back of it; talk about intricate. It’s also refreshing to see a mix up of expressions! Of course we get the now well known smirk, but we also see some genuine smiles. So my excitement level for this shoot? Well a quote AJ sports on one of her Tees sums it up perfectly…”IT’S OVER 9000!”

WWE.com Diva Focus: AJ Lee – Return Of The Nerd Goddess :Photos

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