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Total Divas Recap!: The Fat Twin
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: August 19th, 2013 • (0)


The forth episode of Total Divas took place last night, during the last hour of SummerSlam. If you couldn’t take your eyes off the PPV, we’ve got your review covering of all the stories, and drama that went down, including body insecurities and love life problems. Click under the cut to see what went down this week involving some of the WWE Divas!

The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie): With their SummerSlam photo shoot just around the corner, Brie talks to Daniel about losing a few pounds by going on a juice cleanse. Daniel, of course, tells her he doesn’t think she needs to because she looks great, but Brie is pretty insistent. Nikki sits down to have breakfast with Eva Marie and JoJo, and the conversation turns towards Instagram, along with the mean comments towards Nikki’s weight. Later on, she has dinner with Brie and Daniel. It’s very apparent the Bella’s have different eating styles and Brie convinces her twin, though a bit reluctantly, to give up alcohol for 20 days and go on a cleanse with her. Nikki isn’t too impressed within the first day, and doesn’t think she can do it. Later on in her apartment, Brie finds a bottle of wine in Nikki’s garbage and a fight breaks out between the two sisters, with Brie storming off in the end at Nikki’s lack of will power. Another argument takes place the day of the shoot, with Nikki telling her that the comments online and from her really do hurt. In the trailer, Brie apologizes after an emotional Nikki tells her about how insecure she had made her feel. The sisters make up though, hug it out, and rock the shoot like total pros.

The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi): While last week the drama was with Naomi, this episode focused more on Cameron and her insecurities about her small boobs. After an autograph signing along with The Bellas, she starts to consider getting implants, like Nikki. So off she goes to the plastic surgeon for a consultation, along with Naomi and Jimmy. Honestly, the best part was when Naomi brought Jimmy to the back room with them so he could see what fake boobs felt like. If you can find the clip, it’s worth a watch just for his reactions! Back to Cameron, things get a bit more serious when she and Naomi find out it would take about 2 months for her to recover from surgery, meaning The Funkadactyls would have to go on hold. Cameron was able to take a pair with her to “test drive”. At the arena, Cameron gets them sewed into her gear top, but one of them goes missing right before she and Naomi are about to head out, leaving her frantic. She stuffs the empty side with paper towel before running out. Nikki Bella confesses to the crime after The Funkadactyls come back through the curtain. Cameron doesn’t get too mad, but I think we may see a revenge prank back at some point. In the end though, she decides not to get the implants.

The Newbies (Eva Marie and JoJo): Apart from having breakfast with Nikki, Eva and JoJo didn’t do very much at all this episode. They interacted a bit with the girls in the locker room, but that’s really all there is to report.

The Veteran (Natalya): Showing that the girls really do get along outside of the ring, the episode actually started with Natalya and Nikki Bella walking down the street together. They go into a little lingerie shop where Nikki convinces Nattie to try some things on, after she confesses that her love life with TJ (aka, Tyson Kidd) has been seriously lacking since his injury. When she gets home, TJ is watching the PPV and barely pays attention to her, even when she walks out in the sexy lingerie she bought earlier. A lunch outing leaves Nattie more frustrated as she tries to talk to TJ about planning their wedding. Things really go south when later on, his “surprise” turns out to be a trip to the courthouse, where he wants them to get married right then and there. Nattie finally lets all her feelings out and storms off. However, by the end of the episode, TJ gives her a real surprise when she comes home to roses, candles and wine. The couple talk about the issues they’ve been having, and everything ends happily. They talk more about their upcoming wedding and now TJ seems really interested. Aww, the hopeless romantic in me couldn’t help but love it.

And thus, another episode of Total Divas has come and gone! What drama-rama will happen next? There’s only one way to find out. While we’re waiting, go give the gals a follow on twitter – The Bella Twins, Cameron, Naomi, JoJo, Eva Marie, Natalya.

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