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New WWE.com Diva Focus: Kelly Kelly – Keel Over Couture
News posted by Alicia • Date Published on: January 13th, 2012 • (1)


Alicia: Oh Kelly. How long I’ve waited for your return to WWE Diva Focus’s. Thank you, WWE.com photographers, for gracing us with this glamorous new photoshoot of our girl. Kelly shines (no, really) in a dark blue and black zebra striped, miniature, tight dress which clearly shows off her best assett; her booty. It’s also an off-the-shoulder long-sleeved which shows off her bronzed, toned shoulders. Her shoes–oh my! You know how my weakness is a pair of hot stilettos and Kelly Kelly just topped off  my weakness with a killer pair of pumps! I mean, do you see how thin and sexy those heels are? I’m dying inside. Lastly, Miss K’s hair screams professional but at the same time sexy. As usual, she shows off her sultry side and once again, the world falls in love with her. Bravo, Kelly!

Brie: Aaaoowwwwwww! Keel.Me.Over. So glam. So chic. So SMASH! Thirteen days into January and Kelly’s already killin’ it with her newest set of snaps. We don’t get to see tons and tons of shoots from Kelly, but when we do, they remind us why we hang out at the edge of our chairs waiting for them. One word: SHOES. *Smitten* To.die.for.  And, IF you can get past them, you’ll find they are the perfect complement to this shimmering, ribbed one-shoulder sheath, which shows off not only her thousand-mile long legs, but her gorgeously toned arms. (Aside: where oh where do I get a body like that? :-) ) Hair: up-do = fabulously chic and raises the outfit to something quite special. I have two wishes only in the whole universe. One: that Kelly’d given us one go-big-go-bold bauble: cuff,  ring, whatever fires your fancy (you know me and my long-standing affair with jewels! ;-) ). Two: that Kelly scrounges up two (I’d settle for one, but I’d love two) Vogue-worthy high-fashion stances for us next time out. She has EVERYTHING else. That one little addition would send me into raptures.

Enraptured? Enslaved? (Don’t blame you at all!) Envenomed? Enigmatic? Unravel it for us in the comments or on twitter: DivaFiercecom and be sure to follow Kelly!

New WWE.com Diva Focus: Kelly Kelly – Keel Over Couture : Photos

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  • Janice on January 16th, 2012 says:

    Mad props for the heels! Me-ouch!

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