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This Week In Fashion (May 20-26, 2012): Style Revisited
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: May 28th, 2012 • (0)

Sorry luvs, I’m a tad late with with TWIF…guess I got too focused on my Memorial Day partying…or maybe I got too focused on the new feature we’re putting together for y’all ;-). Be it that way, or the other way, come hit the fashion highlights with me for the week just passed!

Beth Phoenix: If we’re talking of killin’ it, the crown goes to Bethie this week for d**n sure! Hey la with your hands up ‘cuz she finally ditched the skirt! All my apolo’s if you were a skirt fancier; you must know by now I don’t swing that way when wrestling gear is involved. I dig thereturn to pant-dom!  The phoenix insignia is sweet -great way to re-establish her persona! And the lace-ups are fantabulous. Period. I think she could even push the envelope farther and use them down the back of the leg…or across the back of her top…just get crazy with ‘em!

Eve: The suit jacket and dress combo is becoming a signature look. Bonus fierce points for this white puff sleeve jacket, which may be the self-same one she stunned us with back when we first opened the web site. (See it: review here, shoot here) Re-using fantastico pieces is always a can-do if you’re buying classic and quality. Btw, Ms. Torres, were Monday’s pumps by any chance J. Crew?  Inquiring minds simply can’t rest ’til they know!

Vickie: Woo-hoo…check Ms. Cougar Divine rockin’ the cutouts! Loved that! She went back to simple and chic with a black halter, skinny pants and boots for SD this week and that works just as well. Is there ANYthing Vickie can’t make work? Gonna have to be voting ‘no’ on that one…Raaawwwr!

Put Your Hands Up! Pin-Up Girl
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: May 28th, 2012 • (1)

Yeah, you are the bomb! Well, bombER anyway…which Memorial Day lady (in addition to Lady Liberty :-) ) would you want gracing your plane for luck?

Pin-up bomber picture taken at the National Archives and are offered Royalty Free by Historylink101’s World War II Picture Section.  Pictures can be found at the Marines in World War II Picture Page. Descriptions for the pictures were transcribed directly from the notations on the pictures at the National Archives.  Copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved History Source LLC.
New WWE.com Diva Focus: Appreciate America! :-)
News posted by Formerly Fierce • Date Published on: May 26th, 2012 • (2)

Brie: Hay-lo Retro! We have gone time-tripping straight to 40’s war effort pin-up girls with this new shoot! Since it is in honor of Memorial Day, the theme is highly apropos ..and better yet, it WORKS! Although I could wish for a few bomber planes in the background (or even a bomber jacket ;-)), and a few more shots, the whole concept of this shoot is fantastic and it’s executed in superb fashion – literally, as well as figuratively, since the rafter-height waistbands are brazenly vintage. SERIOUS props to Natalya and Eve for fully embracing the spirit of this shoot in their poses and capturing the Vargas girl vibe perfectly! Betty Grable would be proud! PS Nattie NEEDS to do her hair this way more often. OMG it is SO GOR.GE.OUS! Bonus fierce points on two counts to Alicia; 1) for the ultra-fab ultra-blue eyeshadow and lashes (yes! lashes!) – girl, that is AWEsome!  I might even  steal the look for my picnic do :-) and 2) for managing to twist modern and vintage inextricably together with her kabooty-baring tunic and square-toed heels – so then, so now, same time. Love it! Nice to see the sailor’s hat make a re-appearance too!

Alicia: Can you say 50’s pin-up girls? They all look so chic and fabulous! Wow… Happy Memorial Day to us! But I’ve gotta say, Rosa Mendes just blew me away. She looks so stunning in her outfit. I don’t care what you say, Brie! (: Runners up would have to be Natalya and Alicia Fox. They’re outfits and hair are just so vintage and gorgeous, it blows me away! Has anyone ever heard the song Candyman by Christina Aguilera? Watch the music video for it and then look at this photoshoot… You’ll see!

Aksana avoiding black again is always a good thing! Rosa makes a good effort here, but doesn’t seem as at home as usual. That’s okay though – she still looks hot! And I love her willingness to stretch into something that’s not her ordinary fare. And Layla, while looking much more 2012 than 1944, is sexy as always!

Give appreciation to (a few parts of) America by following: Alicia, Aksana, Eve, Layla, Natalya, Rosa and DivaFiercecom!

New WWE.com Diva Focus: Appreciate America: Photos

Work It! TNA Impact (May 24, 2012): Called Out, Chased Out
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: May 25th, 2012 • (0)

Last night on Impact, it was Open Fight Night No. 2! Gail Kim and Madison Rayne come down to the ring, and Gail delivers an awesome heel promo, ending off with her calling out ODB and Eric Young. She apparently isn’t too happy that the division she claims “she built” has a women and a man as the tag team champions.

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Work It! WWE NXT (May 23, 2012): Student Surpasses the Teacher
News posted by Formerly Fierce • Date Published on: May 25th, 2012 • (2)

This week on NXT, Maxine goes toe-to-toe with her former NXT Pro, Alicia Fox. The match starts with a grapple that leads Fox into the ropes, of which Maxine tries to use to her advantage. Fox, being hip to Maxine’s mischievous ways, manages to wiggle out of every hold and dodge every throw, in a lukewarm play-by-play exhibition of wit. The match is very drawn out with few major features, until Maxine and Alicia fall to the ground in a scuffling, petty cat fight. Continue reading »

Crush Watch: Madison Rayne + ???
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: May 23rd, 2012 • (1)

It would seem the love bug has bitten our Killa Queen. Or she’s been struck by cupids arrow. Whatever you want to say, Madison Rayne is smittin’, to quote Mike and Taz, with someone in the TNA locker room. This storyline started off two weeks ago, when Madison told Gail she wanted to look perfect for “this guy”.

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