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FashionHap (Mar 29, 2012): Natalya At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 31st, 2012 • (1)

I love when the Divas and Superstars do these kind of events. It’s beautiful. It makes you want to be a better person. I also love when Divas dress up. They’re beautiful. It makes me want to dress like a rockstar. And that’s exactly how Natalya made me feel! Her outfit that she wore to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital was so gorgeous and classy. She wore a black top with frilly edges and poofy sleeves. Then a beautiful floral skirt. Her hair looked so natural and wavy and her makeup was sort of a brown/black metallic eye. Between Mick Foley and Tyson Kidd, she looked like a star!

WWE.com Photos: Natalya At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital: Photos

FashionHap (Mar 28, 2012): Maxine, AJ and The Bellas at Holtz Children’s Hospital
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 31st, 2012 • (0)

Unfortunately on the Fashion side, we only saw white coats. But on the other hand, this was such a great cause. They just made those kids day. They all looked fabulous! First though, Maxine. She was the only one without a white coat. She sported a turquoise athletic tank top and a floral, long skirt. She paired that with a huge rock (?) necklace and a tight messy bun. The Bella Twins, as always, looked fabulous, even in white coats! One of them (Nikki?) had a tight pony with pale, pink lips and smoky eye. Brie had some tousled, wavy hair and bright red lips, also with a smoky eye. As usual, gorgeous! A.J was there too but unfortunately you don’t see much of her. Oh well. I bet she looked good even though we couldn’t see her!

WWE.com Photos: Maxine, AJ and The Bellas at Holtz Children’s Hospital: Photos

FashionHap (Mar 30, 3012): Layla Leads Flash Mob With Eve
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 31st, 2012 • (0)


For those of you missing your Layla  (like us!), the buzz is out: she is alive and fabulous! (And flawless! :-) ) Along with Eve, she showed off her dancing skills yesterday in Miami as she led the surprise flash mob for  uber-producer Timbaland. Her dancing has lost none of its’ brilliance during her hiatus..and neither has her fashion, as she sported a lightning-cut assymetrical wide-strap tank, which proclaimed her a DIVA in the most sparkling terms. Red and Layla always look fantastic together and that cut leaves cool in the dust. Love. Major love. Paired with skinny pants and a bevy of black and crystal bangles, it whetted our appetites for having her bringing her flawless ways back to the Divas’ division pronto! And speaking of flawless…doth those boots look familiar? They do to us, too! The Famous Flawless Clothing Swap looks like it’s still open for business :-)

And…you didn’t think we were going to forget Eve, did you? Of course not!

Eve rocked out in head-to-toe black, with seriously hot shorts, a crop top draped with some divinely heel-worthy fishnet (Yeah, girl! That’s letting the evil invade your wardrobe!), an eye-catching sparkle belt and a tough leather cuff. Fab ensemble! … And, like Louis Armstrong, when you’re dancing, we get ideas! What say you to Layla and Eve as the Dub’s new devilish duo?

FashionHap (Mar 30, 2012): Layla Leads Flash Mob With Eve: Photos  and  Video

FashionHap (Mar 30, 2012): AJ At The Annual THQ Superstar Challenge
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 31st, 2012 • (2)

 The woman doth not lie. AJ tweeted us regarding her gaming skills on numerous occasions and she lived up to her own hype yesterday, defeating Mark Henry in the final round to win the Annual THQ Superstar Challenge. In doing so, AJ becomes the first diva ever to take the prize! Let all nerd-dom rejoice :-)…and we’ll celebrate right alongside: woohoo, AJ!  On the fashion front, we’re scratching our heads just a shade, as AJ did her winning in a black rib cage printed dress. What are we to make of that? Um, we’re clueless. So, rib cage aside, we love the flattering and fun shape of this little black laundry. And she paired with (gasp) …not chucks! These skittles-hued sneakers are beyond adorable. Love! And the glasses? Well, if you’re going to destroy the competition in true geek style, ya gotta have ‘em. Putting your fashion where your fingers are = hot!

FashionHap (Mar 30, 2012): AJ at  The Annual THQ Challenge: Photos

Work It! TNA Impact (March 29, 2012): Friendships Restored & Rivalries Renewed
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: March 30th, 2012 • (0)

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are backstage and they sit together awkwardly. Gail gives Madison her surprise gift, which turns out to be a crown. Prefect for “The Queen”.  Cue the “I love you” and hugs. So… now they’re friends again? Gail says Madison will beat the crap out of Velvet Sky, and that match is next. Continue reading »

FashionHap (Mar 29, 2012): WWE Divas On The Wrestlemania Premiere Party Red Carpet
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: March 30th, 2012 • (0)


How were they fabulous? Let us count the ways! Last night’s Wrestlemania Premiere Party Red Carpet was ablaze with jewels and glimmering fabrics. Looking ever so glamorous in a gold strapless sequined gown, Natalya handled red carpet hostess duties in stellar fashion (whichever way you look at it :-) ). She’s been debating between wearing this gown and a divine black one for the Hall Of Fame on twitter the past few days (yes, DivaFierce registered an opinion: black is beautiful, baby.)  Does this mean, she listened to us? We can’t wait to find out! Alicia Fox was looking drop-dead amazing in a Swarovski-accented spaghetti strap dress. Keel. Us. Over! The work on this piece is enchantingly beautiful. We’re loving that big ring too!  Kelly gave us a break from the shine in her soft, feminine ivory lace gown and nearly carried us away with this triumph of understatement. She looked radiant with her blonde hair swept into a side twist.

Continue reading »

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