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New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Serene Cerulean
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 11th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: The Knockouts definitely know the secret of post-baby comebacks: WOW, I can not believe how amazing Taryn looks. Go, girl! This cerulean blue bikini with its sprinkling of multi-color dots is not only beautiful, but also flirty and fun! Translation: just what a beach shoot should be! This background is super simple, but I love it! The minimalist sand-colored wall makes it feel like Taryn is the cool splash of water in some tropical luxury resort. Sometimes busy, crazy stuff in the background is over-rated. As good as all this is, its not the high point of this shoot: her facials are! They’re gentle, quietly sexy, peaceful: a woman completely at home with herself and her life.  And that leaves gorgeous far behind.  Welcome back, Taryn!

New Impact Wrestling.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Serene Cerulean: Photos

New ImpactWrestling.com Photo Gallery: Americana
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 7th, 2014 • (0)


Impact celebrated America’s birthday with a red, white and blue-themed photo gallery, wherein you can vote for who you want to see on the next KO’s banner (click the  photo link below). Hot girls+ freedom to choose = cool! Gail Kim kicks off the gallery in a red halter bikini top, adorned with a printed medallion – what a great combo! She pairs it with  bright white alce shorts (oooo! So cute!) for a crisp summer look. Rebel‘s outfit might just be my very favorite of all the girls: American flag top, pure white string bikini bottom = swoon. Seriously, how much more classic can you get? And her crawling pose? SO HAWT! Velvet Sky proves she does Americana ever so well in a cropped torn-flag tank and studded jean skirt (love that!!). She brings out the metallic with a great black and silver belt – doesn’t she just look like liberty materialized? I can totally see catching a concert, a picnic..or both! :)..in this outfit. Continue reading »

New WrestlingKnockouts.com: Impact Knockouts – Blow Their Cover
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: June 27th, 2014 • (0)


It’s time to blow the Knockouts’ covers. Ok, wait..that came out a bit dirtier then intended ..woops ;). But the Knockouts really do want you to let them know who you’ve made…your choice for the cover of 2015 Knockouts Calender. Vote HERE.


Need a little help deciding? So did we! To help you out (just ‘cuz we are sooo kind and loving and thoughtful and sweet enough to make you ill…or not ;), we’re reviewing every cover shot. You’re welcome. Continue reading »

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoots: Rebel – Drama Queen
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: June 26th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Rebel clearly has a flair for drama and she demos it for us with a series of unique photoshoots. She kicks it off with my favorite (on many levels!): a shoot where she poses on the hood of a strawberry red jeep. While  it’s hard to do much of anything on the hood of a vehicle without conjuring up iconic Whitesnake/Tawny Kitaen images, Rebel succeeds in making this a solid set of snaps with casually-famous-feeling poses right out of a Rolling Stone shoot and great fashion. Who doesn’t love a leather jacket and daisy dukes? But it’s her super-hot, trendalicious sandals that are the coup de grace! Next, she shows us her athleticism – and potential wrestling skills- with a ladder as a prop. Her split done up the ladder is jaw-dropping…as in daaaaaaaang, girl!. The clothing is appropriate to the shoot. Lastly, she gets really crazy (no, really!) with a circus-background shoot. I love the idea, but I know how hard it is to execute well because the circus is, by design, visually distracting. What we can learn from this shoot is that coral and red look awesome on Rebel and that she’s willing to go all out (witness those funkrazy boots!) both with her fashion and her shoots. I think we can make the hypothesis that she’ll do the same in the ring . Translation: COOL.

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoots: Rebel – Drama Queen : Photos

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Christy Hemme – Cool Stare
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: June 10th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Christy changes gears from her last few more down-to-earth shoots with this relentlessly cool bodysuit in the season’s hottest black and white combo. The bold striping has the barest hint of French Riviera about it – paler lipstick, some sunglasses, bare feet and this could be set on a yacht drifting in the Ligurian Sea. One look at those fabulous, mechanistic color-block wedges, however, and you know Christy has something else in mind… something a lot less languid! Intense gold jewelry, all of it statement pieces, enhances the sense of  innate hauteur that Christy does so well. She earns major Fierce points for her bright crimson lip color – it’s fiery pop lights up the whole shoot (Fierce-Is-In-The-Details 101). She keeps her poses right on cue as well, melding self-assured allure perfectly to flawless style.

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Christy Hemme – Cool Stare : Photos

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Madison Rayne – Dynamo
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: June 7th, 2014 • (0)


Jessy: Madison Rayne has got it goin’ on in these photos! Not only is she sexy and fierce here, but she’s also kept it tasteful with the combination of the high waisted skirt with the crop top. My favorite part is definitely that the crop top has cut-out daisies that give a tiny peek of skin through the front and back. She also ties in the white on the top with the white belt. Kind of hard to believe that this gorgeous woman just had a baby when she’s got that tiny waist! Onto her hair and makeup now, yeah? Her loose burgundy hair keeps everything relaxed, but what really draws you in from the neck up is her eye makeup. It’s dark, powerful, and fierce and I love it. Plus, the light lips lets you focus on that dark eye. It’s tasteful. She keeps her accesories down to a cute bracelet, simple hoop earrings, and that adorable white belt. Her eyes here are really the big players. Black and white is a timeless combination and Madison looks radiant in it.

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Madison Rayne – Dynamo: Photos

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