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New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Angelina Love – Graffiti Rose
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 17th, 2014 • (0)


Jessy: I’m not sure there’s a bikini on this planet that Angelina Love can’t rock. She’s got the body to wear something skimpy or cute and I like that this one is a bit of a combination of the two. The light pink of the bikini keeps it a little innocent while the sequins add a dash of sexy. And let’s not forget that the bottoms tie on the sides! This bikini is flirtatious and Angelina keeps it that way with her comfortable poses. Her hair is loose and flowing while she keeps her lips light. The eye makeup is dark enough that it draws your attention to her gorgeous blue eyes, which help with the whole “I’m flirtatious and I know it” theme going on here. Plus I’m game for any reason to admire her killer body and tattoos (; Not to mention that the graffiti’d backdrop not only keeps with the pink theme, but hey, what else is graffiti but wall tattoos? All in all, Angelina knocked this one outta the park and I can’t wait to see what else she does this summer.

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Angelina Love – Graffiti Rose: Photos

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Velvet Sky – Smoke On The Water
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 13th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Wow! Velvet really knows how to make a bikini shoot ROCK. For starters, this ruffle-edged bikini is feminine and seriously cute, especially with the petite bow in the front. This shade is fab too – it’s a clean pink, cool and summery. The not-quite-neon hue contrasts beautifully with her tan skin and highlit-brunette hair. The background is perfection – dreamy and hazy- and it sets off Velvet flawlessly. There are actually shots in this set with her posing against a tree as well (click the link below so you can see those), but frankly, these water snaps are the pinnacle…not least because of Velvet’s poses! They take this shoot out of the ordinary realm of bikini shoots. She finds some new stances, new head angles, new nuances that bring a special Velvet-seductiveness to a shimmering, hazy summer shoot.

New Impact Wrestling.com Photoshoot: Velvet Sky – Smoke On The Water: Photos

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Brittany – Sun Salutation
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 11th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: We’re getting a whole series of summer photos from the KO’s this month, reminiscent of when the Divas did Summer Skin. It’s just as much fun with the Knockouts! This time, we get a better look at this glowing orange bikini Brittany found and it is a keeper! The color has been all over couture the last season or tow and it shows no signs of slowing down, so girlfirend gets an A-plus in the Hue & Shade Dept. :) We see some of Britt’s lack of experience here, since most of the great shots are similar shots, outside of that stellar over-the-shoulder pose. Does that bother me? Nope. She’s photogenic, catches beautiful angles and works her facials. A wider variety of poses will come and I’m guessing it’ll be sooner  rather than later. PS She gets props for the sky blue nails – what a fab color combo with the orange!

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Brittany – Sun Salutation: Photos

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Serene Cerulean
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 11th, 2014 • (0)


Brie: The Knockouts definitely know the secret of post-baby comebacks: WOW, I can not believe how amazing Taryn looks. Go, girl! This cerulean blue bikini with its sprinkling of multi-color dots is not only beautiful, but also flirty and fun! Translation: just what a beach shoot should be! This background is super simple, but I love it! The minimalist sand-colored wall makes it feel like Taryn is the cool splash of water in some tropical luxury resort. Sometimes busy, crazy stuff in the background is over-rated. As good as all this is, its not the high point of this shoot: her facials are! They’re gentle, quietly sexy, peaceful: a woman completely at home with herself and her life.  And that leaves gorgeous far behind.  Welcome back, Taryn!

New Impact Wrestling.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Serene Cerulean: Photos

New ImpactWrestling.com Photo Gallery: Americana
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: July 7th, 2014 • (0)


Impact celebrated America’s birthday with a red, white and blue-themed photo gallery, wherein you can vote for who you want to see on the next KO’s banner (click the  photo link below). Hot girls+ freedom to choose = cool! Gail Kim kicks off the gallery in a red halter bikini top, adorned with a printed medallion – what a great combo! She pairs it with  bright white alce shorts (oooo! So cute!) for a crisp summer look. Rebel‘s outfit might just be my very favorite of all the girls: American flag top, pure white string bikini bottom = swoon. Seriously, how much more classic can you get? And her crawling pose? SO HAWT! Velvet Sky proves she does Americana ever so well in a cropped torn-flag tank and studded jean skirt (love that!!). She brings out the metallic with a great black and silver belt – doesn’t she just look like liberty materialized? I can totally see catching a concert, a picnic..or both! :)..in this outfit. Continue reading »

New WrestlingKnockouts.com: Impact Knockouts – Blow Their Cover
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: June 27th, 2014 • (0)


It’s time to blow the Knockouts’ covers. Ok, wait..that came out a bit dirtier then intended ..woops ;). But the Knockouts really do want you to let them know who you’ve made…your choice for the cover of 2015 Knockouts Calender. Vote HERE.


Need a little help deciding? So did we! To help you out (just ‘cuz we are sooo kind and loving and thoughtful and sweet enough to make you ill…or not ;), we’re reviewing every cover shot. You’re welcome. Continue reading »

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