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Tumblr: The Link Is Up! Run for your lives..to the new site :)
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So here’s the deal, lovelies: all good things must come to change. Alicia and I started Diva-Fierce four years ago: if you were in high school or college then, you’re graduating now. Maybe, like us,  you have a full-time job these days, or you’ve gotten married or moved to a new place…or all four lol. Time flies, right? And fashion waits for no one. Ditto life. We’ve wrestled (not ring-ready, yet though :)) with what to do with our baby – this site – as our lives have changed.  This is our passion, and yet it’s cost so much time and so much effort that it’s strapped us emotionally, but at the same time it’s too much fun to let go. So, we’ve decided…to move. As of July, diva-fierce.com as a .com will cease to exist. BUT, we’ll be moving our new content and commentary to tumblr and keeping things a little simpler. We’ll keep you appraised of the migration. We’ll continue adding content here until the change-over is complete and on one place or other, we’ll take a look back at highlight moments from the best days of Fierce. The link to the new tumblr site IS diva-fierce-xo.tumblr.com …make sure to check there for new content!


Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

FashionHap: Early July 2015 Pt 2
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FH early july Nikkicoll

Brie: In addition to a couple fab lookd form sister Brie, we got 3 awesome outift from Nikki Bella in early July. She kicks it off with a classic Nikki look: city-chic and totally fierce: a bodycon cami paired with leather skinny pants. This look is bold, minimalist and fashion-editor-approved! Besides all that, it looks fantastic ;) She keeps her jewelry super-understated with just a tiny diamond pendant and lets this clean look do the talking. Next, she shows off a crop-top and pencil skirt set. These are super fun to wear and basically EVERYwhere now. Nikki’s has a great space-age texture to it that adds a modern vibe to this retro styling. That dynamic is echoed in her crossed-strap platform heels. Lastly, she adds spike of toughness with her leather motorcycle jacket. Her 3rd look is the same type of two-piece pairing, ut this time, she goes flirty and girly with a halter-style top and a flared, flippy mini skirt. She adds her usual splash of mod with ultra cool laser-cut sandals (UPDATE: those lovely heels are CL’s Martha sandals). I love how she’s given us a variety of style looks, all in a single, simple color palette: black and white – but with slightly different genres: fierce, retro-mod and girly. Her style is just amazing! Continue reading »

FashionHap: Early July 2015 Pt. 1
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FH early july Brie Summer


Brie: OMGaga, do we have LOTS o’ fashion going on right now! (Have I mentioned I LOVE having Total Divas back :)) There’s so much we’re going to cover early July in two posts…with more to come for the rest of the month…woot woot! First up:

Brie Bella checks in with not one, but two LBD’s of two very different types. The first is an ultra-mod cutout number that’s sporty and sexy. We don’t see Brie dip into this kind of fierce-girl territory very often – that’s usually Nikki’s province – but she handles it superbly! She keeps the 60’s ref going by pairing the dress with tall black boots and adds her own flair with a fabulous statement necklace – <3 those colors! And that fringe!! :) Her next outfit is a 180 degree swing to a beautiful black two-piece style done with intricate geometry. The delicacy of the pattern is soooo pretty…and the hint of glimmer just cranks that up to GORGE! With femme pink lips, not further adornment is required. (And fear not, Nikki fans: we’ll catch all her looks in Pt. 2).

Summer showed off an eye-catching red dress, first on tv and then as part of her recent Days Of Summer gallery. The criss-crossed cutouts at the top give this dress a trendy, interesting unique-ness. I’m a huge fan of special pieces, so that gets a thumbs up from me. Beyond that, red is one of those classic colors every girl should have a hint of in her closet. If you’re the type that shies away from the orange-y-ier scarlet shades (I’ve been afraid of them for years lol), go for crimson, barn red or burgundy. Just like every girl should have an LBD, every girl should have a LRD – for those moments you need and feel like fire and passion! If dresses aren’t your thing, belts, shoes or even a flirty hair flower are great ways to add a touch of vibrant color. If you’re going to invest money in a quality piece that’s not a neutral, red is THE color to do because it’s iconic and consequently always in style! PS I love Summer’s ponytail here – it looks like a 5-min fix..until you see the pretty wrap detail at the back: it’s a lovely way give a cool (as in cooler that having your hair down :) summer style a little extra flair.  Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana – Gotta Whole Lana Love
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Brie: We’ve seen a LOT of different looks from Lana as time goes on, but they have mostly all have had an ice-queen theme infusing them. She jettisons that completely for this rolicking photoshoot and gives us a new side of her fabulosity. It begins with a two-piece set, mostly black, but accented with a fun black-and-white graphic print AND spiked with a touch of neon rose! Even though there’s a jacket involved here (a FABulous cropped, boxy tuxedo number quite different from her previous suiting jackets) and her classic pointy-toe heels, the whole look has a much sportier feel to it than her previous buttoned-up-sex-kitten ensembles. She matches that spike of pink with her gorgeous lip shade for a warm, fresh, playful vibe. And we get to see her hair in a pretty, whippy ponytail, instead of her trademark bun! How’s that for letting loose? ;) The true highlight of this ‘shoot, though, is her poses! Lana demonstrates her genius for letting character and emotion infuse her stances and expressions: each shot is vibrant and ecstatic, displaying a newfound freedom and joie de vivre which is a delight to behold! It’s the kind of set that makes you happy just looking at it. Simply smashing, Lana darling!

New WWE.com Photo Gallery: Days Of Summer
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The Big Dub has decided to celebrate Summer…with Summer :)…yeeaah, I probably need to work on the pun. But it was their bad wordplay first! ;) They’ve given us a whole gallery of Summer Rae shoots and I am forestalled from my usual whining about blandness and how we’ve seen it before because we haven’t. That’s right – a lot of the shots are new, and there is an especially good selection from Summer’s stint as Fandango’s dancer. That’s especially awesome because, while we raved over a number of those outfits, we got very few photoshoots at that time. Apparently, the powers ttha WWE were holding out. Lil’ rotters :p. So, this gallery is a gotta-see; there’s a bunch of fun, high-res looks at Summer’s dance outfits, including a lime crystal beauty, one of our purple fringe favs, as well as the glittered net affair above. There’s also a low-key snap or two in a Total Divas top and denim – it’s fun to see her do some casual shots, plus a few other new shoot temptations, including a black-pencil skirt+hot pink halter top combo that is fab (not leastly because it’s paired with super-cute cut-out pumps!). One of my faves of these new teasers includes the red cutout-top dress that Summer recently wore on tv, and which I LOVE! I’ve been crushing on red lately (in good company, it seems – look out for lots of shades of it on trendsetters and spotters this fall) and this dress is amazing! I’m especially a fan of the crisp ponytail Summer did her hair in for this shoot; it adds a ladylike zing to her usual style and it’s a nice change-up from the long-and-straight variations we see her do more often. So, for once a gallery gets and keeps my attention – brava, Summer! (Resisting more lousy Summer-season-Summer-diva puns in 3…2….1…) :D

Hitchcock Blondes
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WWE recently did a photo gallery chronicling their love of blondes. You know who else loves blondes? (Besides us :) …and don’t worry: we love brunettes too…and redheads and gray hair and black hair and green etc etc..it’s all in how you use it!)…Hitchcock! The iconic director was famous for his choice of flaxen-haired protagonists. If he’d had a look at the current and recent Divas’ and KOs’ roster, we’re sure he would have found tooooons of inspiration for his films. Who might have achieved legendary movie status via his art?


Blonde: Kim Novak

Movie: Vertigo

Although Kim’s character, Madeleine/Judy, spends most of the film as a redhead, she begins as a blonde – an icy, mysteriously wistful siren who Jimmy Stewart’s former detective John Ferguson can’t get out of his mind…even after her untimely death.  He is plagued both by his fascination with her and his inability to save her. It’s a special blonde who can inspire that kind of devotion! And it’s a simple jump of the imagination to imagine cool, controlled Lana handling that dual role with ease. Inspiring men to fall madly in love doesn’t seem to be something she has any trouble with ;) She shares Madeleine’s preference for suits, but could handle the youthful, more carefree style of Judy. And an air of aloof mystery, wrapped in an aura of melancholy would be a role in which she would clearly excel.


Blonde: Madeleine Carroll

Movie: The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is an early Hitchcock film, often lost amid the reverence for later work like Psycho, but it has an engaging humor and dignity that Hitch lost in his post-British endeavors. Madeleine Carroll starred in the film, as the innocent woman accidentally attached (literally!) to supposed murder-on-the-lam Richard Hannay (Robert Donat). Carroll’s Pamela is in many ways the original Hitchcock blonde: refined, proper, beautiful but also, as the movie develops, daring and stalwart. Who better to inherit her legacy than Natalya? She is at home with the classic, ladylike style and qualities that Pamela exhibited. And yet, her bravery is constantly in evidence as well. She’d be the perfect gal for a guy in need of a break to rely on in a time of desperation and high stakes. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot Gallery: Sparklers
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Although Independence Day is officially behind us, we can take a moment to relive it’s beauty and brilliance in the newest shoot from the Divas. Recent history has seen them going with vintage-inspired themes for the 4th of July and this year, not only fits the pattern, but works remarkably well. I need to send some props out to whoever came up with the background: it has a fabulous worn patina created by the antique boxes and furniture that infuses the shoot with a tasteful nostalgia. That vibe is enhanced by the sienna lighting. ANd the Divas echo it with their array of outfits. All that, plus the special shots with sparklers in hand make this photo gallery one of the more memorable Independence Day shoots.

Nikki takes on something of sister Brie’s boho vibe with a caramel suede skirt that adds a grounded earthy tone to her look. It’s a great piece with a touch of a city vibe due to the exposed zipper.  She pairs it with a cropped flag tee and natural-hued chunky wedges. Her funky necklace adds a bit of distinctive flair.

Brie chose a strapless printed top, matched with a gorgeous lace mini skirt. Her studed-flower belt is one of my favorite accessories, not only from this shoot, but in recent memory. I would LOVE one of those! A bunch of multi-colored bracelets and a seed bead necklace round out her accessories, for an understated free-spirit look. White T-strap platforms complete her outfit.

Alicia Fox hearkens back to the 70’s rocker vibe we’ve seen her channel before and completely nails it! Sleeveless flag-print graphic tee+wide-leg jeans with red suede mules = completely flawless! Against that chill combo, her massive statement ring and even more massive cuff give that dash of brashness the reveals her rock star attitude. But her floral headpiece softens that into an in-tune-with-nature spiritualty that reflects both the glory of the 70’s stage-dwellers and Old Glory. Her hand-in-the-air homage to the Statue of Liberty is my absolute favorite of all her awesome poses! Continue reading »

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