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Why I’m Grateful For Diva-Fierce
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Right, so this is the time of year when everyone starts talking about what we’re grateful for. My list is pretty long :), but I won’t bore you with all of it…you’re welcome :D. Every year, every day actually, I’m grateful for the Divas and Knockouts. What they put themselves through to go out and entertain us, in the ring, on the street, with their fashion, at meet & greets: it’s all amazing. Without them, this site wouldn’t exist. And I’m thankful this site exists. Yes, I’m grateful that I run a website, despite it’s trials, it’s headaches, the way making deadlines stresses me out. Even with all that, it’s a creative outlet. It gives me a place to channel my ideas toward and a way to express them via the marriage of two things I love: fashion and wrestling! I get to vent, be thrilled, cheer, root for, use great words and be inspired…not only by the Divas and Knockouts, but by my team of Fierce cohorts. And that is truly special. I’m grateful for the tech lessons this site has taught me. Gaga knows (and Alicia and Kim too lol), I’m not the tech specialist around here. But I’ve had to learn things to work on the site that I’ve been able to use at my job and in other areas of my life. In the process, I’ve trained my eye and my thought patterns in an incredibly positive way. In the past, I might drive by someone and not think anything of their outfit. After the years at Diva-Fierce, however, I notice that anything I like about what they’re wearing immediately jumps out at me. I look and think “oh, cute shoes!” or “great color combo”. That, to me, is one of the coolest things about running this website: it’s taught tme to look at the world around me in a way that makes the positive pop out and the negative recede. How much better a gift can you get than that?

Thank you x 1000 to everyone who visits, reads and enjoys Diva-Fierce.com. We love you!



This Week In Fashion (11/16/14-11/22/14): Material Girl
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I’ll be the first one to put my hands up and admit I’m a label reader. NOT the designer name label….the fabric content label. Bottom line: the best materials are natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk, linen, cashmere, angora, leather).  There is debate over whether a *small* percentage of manmade fibers is helpful with shape retention and longevity. Personally, I think it’s ok to  accept 25% or less manmade fiber at times, depending on the item. I do, however, own 100% cotton and wool sweaters that look great and are going strong at 15+ years old, with solid use. How’s that for getting your money’s worth? :)  Natural fabrics are amazing! While wool is wool and linen is linen, think of all the fabrics that can be made from silk: crepe de chine, shantung, dupioni, tricotine, charmeuse, chiffon, taffeta, faille…and that’s not even all of them. Cotton isn’t too shabby either: terry cloth, seersucker, oxford cloth, denim, twill, voile, corduroy, poplin/broadcloth, flannel/chamois (pron: sham-ee or sham-wah, the cotton fabric imitates chamois leather). Besides the fiber itself, other considerations include the gauge (with knits, the number of stitches per inch) or the thread count, the ply (number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread), the fiber length (this governs whether a fabric pills – gets those little balls of thread on it) and the hand (how a fabric feels when touched, including its “body” or weight  and its drape, as well as softness. Certain fabrics are meant to be stiffer: the tailored, pulled-togther look of a jacket comes from it’s relative stiffness and heavier weight, compared to, say, a sweater. You should also examine whether the fabric is see-through in bright light.  No quality garment, unless purposefully designed to be sheer (e.g., a voile blouse) should be see-through. My favorite test? Find the item in white, ivory or a pale pastel shade. Put something black under it. If you can see the black underneath, or even it’s shadow, the fabric is too thin. Oh, but beathability, you cry! The glory of natural fabrics is that they breathe, far better than manmade fabrics. Consequently, they don’t need to be ultra-lightweight to be cool.  Fashion is a material world, so get to know your fabrics. It’s completely cool to be  a material girl! Continue reading »

Once Upon A Diva: Jacq And The Beanstalk
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Jacq and Beanstalkcoll

True, the Jack and the Beanstalk story usually refers to a guy. But since we’re peopleing our fairy tale world with Divas and Knockouts and because we know they can keep pace with guys any ol’ time, we’ve edited our version a la Once Upon A Time and made our ‘Jack’ a “Jacqueline’. If anyone is going to scale a beanstalk, break into a giant’s castle, put the massive monster in a headlock and leave her unconscious while she scampers off with what she came for, it’s Gail! She’s got the moves, the athleticism and the determination. When she wants something, she is fierce! Golden harps and eggs don’t interest her nearly as much as revenge and title belts, but she’s a formidable opponent, motivated by desire for what she feels she deserves. Memo to Havok: watch your back, Jacq – ‘cuz we know someone with an axe to grind. When you ruin Gail’s career, she’s probably using her recovery time to plan ruining your life. So, enjoy your stomping grounds…while you’ve got them. If it takes Gail a couple of trips to accomplish her goal, so be it.  She’s got more than enough tenacity to see it through. Oh, and Taryn: guard your castle…uh.. belt! Even if you’ve got it secreted away in some nearly-impossible-to-access vault, you’re still going to have to come out and defend it! Once Gail’s dispatched Havok, she’ll turn her attention back to you, just like any good Jack (or Jacq) of the trade!

FashionHap (11/5/14 and 11/7/14): Paige At Be A STAR Rallies in London & Smethwick
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Kim: Earlier this month, Paige took part in two Be A STAR rallies, one in London and one in Smethwick. While Paige plays a mean girl on TV, she was full of smiles – and awesome fashion – while she talked to the kids about bullying. First off, in London, she kept it classy with a white and black color palette. She sported a vertically striped, long sleeved, button up shirt over what looks like a black tank top, and paired it with black skinny legged pants. The real head turner of her outfit? Those stilettos! They’re a mixture of sexy and badass all in one. Now, in Smethwick, WWE.com didn’t give us much to be able to give her outfit a proper review… so I did some digging ;) On Titus O’Neil’s instrgam account, I found this. Ahh, much better. Looking at everything now, we can see that under her jacket, she wore a black crop top. Another photo on twitter without the jacket shows it was long sleeved. Layers, girls, it’s all about layers. I love that she added some color with a pair of burgundy pants, still skinny leg. Finally, she gave those killer shoes another chance to shine, and we bask in their glory…Ahh….

FashionHap (11/5/14 and 11/7/14): Paige At Be A STAR Rallies in London & Smethwick: Photos (London) and Photos (Smethwick)

New WWE.com Diva Gallery: 50 Diva Photos We’re Thankful For
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Kim: Ok, so really this gallery should be called, “50 Photos Of The Divas In Bikinis That We’ve Already Seen Before, But They Look Smokin’ Hot So Lets Throw Them Together And Slap On A Holiday Appropriate Name.”… Hmm, I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it, plus it’s a little wordy. So, “50 Diva Photos We’re Thankful For” it is. I know we tend to rag on WWE.com when they re-hash photos in this way, but come on, we love our Divas and want to see more new photos! However, I will give them some credit for making it a mix of the past and present. We get to see Maryse, Trish Stratus and Candice Michelle along with Summer Rae, The Bella Twins, Naomi… So they get points for bringing back some old favourites. And it’s very true, we’ve so thankful for our Divas. Maybe next year, they give us an even better way of showing that appreciation.

New WWE.com Diva Gallery: 50 Diva Photos We’re Thankful For: Photos

Trend Blast: Fall/Winter 2014, Pt. 2
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TrBl FW14 NoPlaceLikeStylish

There’s No Place Like Stylish

Yes, you read it right: comfort is is officially chic! Our fav muse for this look? Ellie Bishop of NCIS! Big thick sweaters with pretty lacy patterns, or cables, matched up with blue or neutral denim is all the rage.  Choose neutral leather boots (tan, brown, black: they’re all good) with low, hyper-functional heels boots or even (gasp!) flat boots..no, really. The only thing to remember with this trend: when using rustic, casual pieces, give them a flair by making sure some aspect of your outfit has distinctive detailing. Look for  dimension (think popcorn knit) or patterns knit into the sweater. A marled texture will work too – anything more than just simple ribs.  And for those of us who are shine hounds (yes, I’m looking in the mirror :)), a hint of metaliic woven through, or added to cuffs or collars is totally acceptable!  Add a cool studded or laser cut belt. Or, pick straps, buckles, tooling or  a broken -in feel for your boots ( I’m loving Frye, or Steve Madden’s new Freebird line). Hint: flannel works with this look. So do motorcycle or bomber jackets :). Continue reading »

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