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SoCal Val: The Diva-Fierce Interview …Coming Soon!
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New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Velvet – Purple Part Deux
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Brie: Velvet borrows Rebel’s bikini…and oh, Rebel – we love you in purple, but you have some competition! We love Velvet in purple too! I love the depth of this purple; it really pops against the cool blue water. Velvet rocks pretty much any bikini that finds its way on to her and this is string-tied design is one of my fav’s. She keeps TBP’s signature pink alive and well with her bright nail color, but goes soft and warm for her face with tea rose lips and copper eye shadow – just beautiful! But I think my favorite part of this shoot is her poses. Posong is one of Velvet’s strengths and, as always, she finds a few new ones for us. The crossed-arms/tipped head shot is sweetly sexy, while the hand to head pose (on the far right) is classic Velvet – but still stands out because of the way she’s wrapped her hair around her forehead. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Vel do her hair like that as a style, but she certainly should! It’s stunning! The poses that really rocked my world, though, was the center one – the soft dreamy over-the-ocean gaze; it’s gentle…and magnificent.

New ImpactWrestling.com Photoshoot: Velvet – Purple Part Deux: Photos

These Weeks In Fashion (Jul 6-26/14): This I Will Have
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“This was a woman’s room, graceful, fragile, the room of someone who had chosen every particle of furniture with great care, so that eachchair, each vase, each small, infinitesimal thing should be in harmony with one another, and with her own personality. It was as though she who had arranged this room had said: “This I will have, and this, and this,” taking piece by piece from the treasures in Manderley each object that pleased her best, ignoring the second-rate, the mediocre , laying her hand with sure certain instinct only upon the best. There was no intermingling of style, no confusing of period, and the result was perfection in a strange and startling way, not coldly formal like the drawing room shown to the public, but vividly alive, having something of the same glow and brilliance that the rhododendrons had, massed there, beneath the window.”

-Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

To me, this is what fashion is all about. Such particular, intimate choosing is not confined merely to furnishing of a room, but also to the furnishings we choose for our bodies.  It means I can flip through Vogue and Harper’s and Elle, but they’re my muses, not my goddesses. I don’t need to subscribe devotedly to what they say; I can pick and choose what I like, what works for me. I can watch the runways and see what art fashion is displaying this season and pick what ideas I want to have in my collection,  which ones express me, which roles they describe that I want to play, which ones demo an aspect of me or who I want to be (or who I feel like being for a day :).  To me, the final word rests right here at home. They’re the cue, I’m the soliloquy.  It’s really the ultimate expression of self: via life, in a breathing museum, a stage with a heartbeat, a silver screen in the real world.

PS Rebecca is a novel by Daphne du Maurier, a fabulous romantic mystery with a dark side, a solace for every shy girl who has everydreamed of attaining the royalty of true love. Read it.  PPS Hitchcock also translated it to  film with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier. Watch it :-) Continue reading »

Hot Off The Press: The Bella Twins T-Shirts Now Available To Buy Or Pre-Order At ShopWWE.com
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Are you feeling “Fearless”? Maybe you want to unleash your inner “Brie Mode”? Well now you can show your support for The Bella Twins with a little help from WWEShop.com! They have three shirts for Brie and Nikki, available in Men’s, Women’s and Youth styles. They’re made from either 100% cotton or combed cotton jersey and range in price from $24.99 for Men’s and Women’s, and $21.99 for Youth. “Fearless Nikki” shirts are available now,  while “Brie Mode” and “Bella 02″ are up for pre-order and should be in-stock on August 15. If you’re a member of The Bella Army, you’ll definitely want one – or maybe more – of these shirts in your closet!

The Bella Twins T-Shirts Now Available At ShopWWE.com: Order or Pre-Order Here

FashionHap (July 16-18, 2014): Rosa Mendes Promotes WWE Live Events In Mexico
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Rosa Mendes recently promoted WWE Live Events in Mexcio, and oh boy did she ever look like a star…. oh, and Cesaro was there too. Looking through the photo gallery, it was pretty clear she was going with a consistent theme; light color, and mini-dress style! The lighting in the first picture makes her body-con, ruched dress look almost pink, but in another photo it appears white. I adore her big rose gold watch, what an accessory! With another dress, she kept the clean color and short length, but brought the neckline up higher. The scalloped and lace design is super feminine, plus the break under the bust with a little bit of not totally transparent mesh really apps up the appeal. For the last mini-dress, Rosa swapped out the color for a light cream, and introduced some bedazzling in silver, gold and white to create an intricate pattern going down the front. Finally, Rosa flexed her muscles in a pair of bright coral Nike Pro workout pants – looove that color – and a tie-dyed purple and white Nike sports bra. After seeing these show stopping ensembles, I can’t wait to see more of Rosa’s fashion sense when she stars in season 3 of Total Divas!

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana – Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?
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Brie: Miss Lana, in the kitchen, with the paring knife. :) Sorry, couldn’t resist! I have this funny feeling Lana does more than play with knives and slice hearts strawberries on her summer vacation, so let’s just say that she had to do a vaca shoot in the NXT party house and the kitchen was a room she liked. That being said she makes an intriguing shoot out of it. First, she demo’s her stellar fashion sense by going with a smoking hot outfit: a charcoal black bodysuit with an architectural feel that’s remote and sexy at the same time. She softens it with some pretty shots where she plays with a her crocheted wrap, but her statement collar necklace tells us the truth: this fiercesome femme is not to be toyed with! Then, she throws us a slightly macabre twist in the shot where she’s playing with the knife: what does she have in mind? Her expression could certainly give you pause! But she immediately reveals her sense of humor on the next shot: sit it down, Fiona Glenanne- the lady is only using that knife on strawberries :), probably to be followed with a swig of champagne to bring out the flavor. The rest of the snaps maintain the seductive Russian cover ID, which works fine for me. I applaud the psychological pose-play though, and the impish nature it implies!

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana – Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?: Photos

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