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In addition to the ladies of wrestling, there are ladies we adore, whose style perpetually kills us. It inspires our personal fashion…and we think it could inspire the ladies of wrestling as well. Let us introduce a few of our fashion icons!


She began her life’s work as a ballerina, was discovered by Collette (and hand-picked by her  to play Gigi on Broadway), became a successful actress, fashion legend and lifelong Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. You can summarize her in a single sentence, but Audrey Hepburn’s influence was too far-reaching to be contained so succinctly. Among her many gifts was her sense of style,which was simple, sophisticated and practically defines “classic”.  She was once quoted as saying “What is more beautiful than a simple sheath made an extraordinary way in a special fabric, and just two earrings?”, an apt summation of her views. Many of her outfits from film have become legendary, most particluarly the little black dress from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a black satin sheath designed by Givenchy (and accessorized by him as well) whihc is quite possibly the most famous LBD of all time.  Other gems are the Paco Rabanne paillette-adorned sheath from Two For The Road and her two white dresses from My Fair Lady (the Ascot dress and Royal ballgown), for which Sir Cecil Beaton won an Academy Award for Costume Design. She is most famously linked in fashion to the designer for whom she was a muse,  her longtime friend Hubert de Givenchy. She often wore his creations both on film and for her personal wardrobe, in many cases requesting that he design her film clothing. Their partnership began during the film Sabrina, where Givenchy made her post-France wardrobe and continued through Funny Face, Charade and How To Steal A Million.

Audrey had a particular quality of poised grace about her that, combined with her chic look, isn’t easy to duplicate, but Eden certainly shares her sense of classicism. Her photoshoots show her penchant for clean-lined garments with a twist. There is a simplicity to her fashion, a quiet confidence and femininity that makes us think she could walk up 5th Ave. in the wee hours and be just as entrancing as Holly Golightly. Continue reading »

Fashionista of the Month: September
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Congratulations to our September ‘Fashionista of the Month’, the ever-so-sultry Rosa Mendes! Give a hand for her ladies and gents and click here to find out why we chose her!

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Angelina Love – Dark Love
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Brie: A little leather, a little fringe, a hint of pink: what we’ve got here is classic Angelina! I love the contrast of the tough leather with the girly pink – it feels totally TBP!  The keyhole front nods to the 90’s and is straight-up sexy. Well, yeah…what else would we expect from one half of Impact’s sexiest duo? The high collar makes a fun twist and adds an element of icy refinement that is a noteworthy complement to the bare-it-all feel of the cut-out top and fringed mini skirt (who doesn’t love a lil’ fringe? ;)). I’m also a fan of the new to-the-knee height of the fur boots; it’s a nice and desired update on the mid-calf version. Little details like that keep us coming back for more. And we’ll take more of this!

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Angelina Love – Dark Love: Photos

These Weeks In Fashion (7/27-9/13/14): Mining Gems (August & Everything After, Part Deux)
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 twif 7.27.14-9.13.14 bellafest 1

With Diva-Fierce’s official Anniversary today (and yes, we have a special anniversary feature coming up this month just to celebrate!), it’s got me thinking about birthdays and birth, specifically the birth of ideas.  Where do they come from? For me, this site is and always has been about creativity & inspiration. I’m  inspired by fashion, fashion writing and wrestling. I wanted to share that with others, as it was shared with me and, via sharing, experience that inspiration and creativity myself. So, where is it born, quarried, unearthed from? Where do you find the gems among the coal? What is the spark in the darkness, the first light? It comes from what I gravitate to, what I love, what draws me, what stops me in my tracks…even when it’s because it’s so off my sense’s beat that it hits me oddly. Sometimes that’s the making of something really special -if you dig to find the “why” behind something you think you shouldn’t like stopping you in your tracks. I watch old movies – Audrey Hepburn’s are gems, Grace Kelly’s are a close runner-up. I read independent fashion blogs, glance at online lookbooks, flip through catalogs (yes, there are one or two co.’s that still mail (actually mail!) catalogs and I LOVE it! I can sit on my bed and thumb through them, at night before I sleep without the need for electronica (sometimes, it’s so good to unplug!). And I archive them :).  I keep an online folder too, with online stores’ photo-ads (Neiman Marcus’ the Art of Fashion Campaign is a fav), quotes, celeb street style pics, wrestling digitals or ‘shoots, screen caps of movies/tv shows. I note the date and what I think is cool in the file name  so I can reference my own scrapbook of inspirational images whenever I desire. I never edit the loving – if it strikes me right, I save it. One of my fav bonuses is that by doing this excavation for a period of time, I start to see the pattern of things that define what rocks me, all the facets of who I am. Collecting things really makes them pop out, come alive and glitter, so you can find the gems.

For the next set of our Return of The TWIF, we’re going to have ourselves a totallyhappening  Bellastock…and why not? It’s all the  excitement of a festival of headlining fashiongasms, without the mud and lack of port-o-potty’s. Groovy, eh? Continue reading »

InstaGLAM: Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes & Layla
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While we absolutely adore our Diva and Knockout posed photo shoots, what about the side photos, those behind the scenes shots? Those can be just as fun to review and rave about! That, dear readers, is where Instagram comes into play. Lot of us have it, use it, and love it… and it seems like lots of the Divas & KO’s feel the same way! This is where we’re going to showcase some of our favourite fierce snaps from some of our favourite fierce ladies….

Welcome to InstaGLAM!

Nikki Bella – Sept 5/2014: Her attitude may have taken a turn for the dark side, but Nikki looked like an angel in this white Herve Leger dress. Plus the headpiece and heels? Love!

Continue reading »

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: HAVOK – Wreak It!
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Brie: I guess this shoot serves as notice that the fashion we review from Havok is going to be reeeeeaaaaallly different lol. Don’t see too many gas masks on the runway these days…although they might make appropriate office attire, depending on the physical care habits of your co-workers :-) I can’t say the cape and bodysuit are anything I’d try to get past the ingate,although I do rather envy those spiked shoulder pads! What I love about this is that it’s super-strong and gutsy and it gives us a definite idea of who Havok is. It’s a perfect example of using fashion to create a persona, something we can do every day. Welcome to Impact, Havok!

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: HAVOK – Wreak It! :Photos

Fierce 5: Outfit Fierce-For-All
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Soooo every year, we do a Fierce 5 something and pick the hottest ladies, bikinis etc – the ones that really knock off our hosiery, rock our universe, sleg our stylish thirst. This year, it’s all about the OUTFIT. The. Fiercest. Any outfit, any Diva or Knockout, anyevetn, any time, anywhere. No holds barred, anything goes. Call it our lil’ fashion free-for-all. We’ve got our teams ready to rumble…and roar. Take a look, walk twenty-five miles of barbed wire and then tell us who do you looooove ;) Continue reading »

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