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InstaGLAM: Paige, Brooke & Naomi
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: October 22nd, 2014 • (0)


Paige (@realpaigewwe) – Oct 18/2014: Proving that Nikki Bella isn’t the only Diva who can rock a backwards snap back, the Raven Haired Lady of the WWE looks totally comfortable chillin’ like a villain.
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These Weeks In Fashion (9/28/14-10/18/14 ): Stiletto Fairy Tale Romance, Pt. 1
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David: Why do women keep their shoe boxes?

Mary Margaret: Because after true love, there is no more powerful magic than footwear. It has to be protected.
from Once Upon A Time

I’m changing over from my summer shoes to my winter ones: away with the espadrilles, out with the boots. And it’s got me thinking about one of my fave things: shoes! :) Since I can’t say it all in one post, this is going to be a series. Sorry, I get locquacious about certain things lol.  I was at work not too long ago in 4″ black pumps and a lady came in and looked me up and down and gave me one of those “Oh you’re one of THOSE types” looks. “Who are you trying to be tall for?”…Umm, I love wearing heels,ok?  I just get a jazz off of  it. I do it for me and not for anyone else because I love pretty shoes and I feel glam when I’ve got some on. It’s completelyabout how they make me feel. It really is an emotional thing, chemical, a romance, true love. I look down at my feet and  see something pretty and it makes me happy.  Like, try wearing pink or yellow shoes on a rainy day…doesn’t have to be heels: try Wellingtons/Chukkas/rainboots. I guarauntee someone will comment ;-) and I guarantee you’ll giggle every time you look down :). And isn’t appreciation of beauty a big dollop of the foundation of romance? Continue reading »

How To Be…Dixie Carter For Halloween
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Sometimes it’s fun to be all business! Like, the wrestling business :-) To be Dixie Carter for Halloween, you’ll need to unleash your inner entertainment maven. Step 1: get totally pulled together with work-appropriate fashion that’s professional, but never staid! Think printed sheaths, mini skirts paired with a camisole and sheer button down, a svelte turtleneck matched with leather. For comfort, choose a trendy shoe with a chunky heel, or even an upscale flat sandal (think neutral leather, not colored jelly versions). Next, you’ll need a business card, so everyone will know you’re the President of TNA Impact. Eventually, you’ll order them in bulk to get a discount…but for now, you can print some off your trusty home printer :). Use card stock for authenticity. Lastly, take a crash course in marketing (ok, you can just read the Cliff Notes online) so you’ll know how to present the biz to potential sponsors, patrons and new talent. You may even want to bring a contract along, in case you run into the Next Big Star in wrestling on your trick-or-treating duties.

Play It Again, Sam!: Madison Rayne – Combat Cutie
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Kim: See? I told you they wouldn’t all be blondes in gingham ;) This PIAS features a captivating brunette in camo! Madison Rayne showed off her military pride with this grey camo costume. It’s not quite a dress, it’s more like an over-sized dress shirt… with a little ol’ slit up the side showing off her leg! Another way to draw attention to your legs? How about a pair of tall, black high-heeled boots! They perfectly match her belt and leather gloves, which all together add that touch of bad ass. Dark eye makeup and a pretty lip color create a glowing look, and while he hair is slightly covered my her hat, the rich brown locks are pin straight and on point.

Take It/Make It: AJ’s Graphic Tee
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 19th, 2014 • (0)

TIMI AJ's teecoll

AJ always hits a great geek-chic style! It’s a little bit tough girl, a little bit grunge, a little punk and totally cool.  But you can steal some of her style even if geek isn’t your thing and you don’t know one end of an X-Box from the other (yes, I’m looking in the mirror :)) Take that same cool-nerd tee, pair it up with some dressed-up leggings (meaning ponte or tuxedo-type skinny pants and stay away from ribs), toss a suit jacket over it and switch up the Converse for some pointy-toe pumps. All of a sudden, instead of geek-cool, you’ve got street cool! Add a bright pocket square to really up the off-duty model feel. This is polished lunch-date gone whimsical, shopping in the city, even office-worthy, if your office isn’t too formal. Thanks, AJ!

How To Be…Nikki Bella For Halloween
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Becoming Nikki Bella for Halloween requires some serious sports gear! Try a sports bra, layered underneath a mesh top (cut and pinned/glued/taped to a cropped style if desired :)). Match it up with some cute gym shorts. Then, break out some knee, or over-the-knee, socks. A little fabric paint will allow you add your own trendy, pithy but perfect wording: “fearless”, “so hot”, “fashionista”, “sporting gal”…you name it, it’s painted. Get your courage out of the closet (or talk to your friendly neighborhood Wizard, no lion or scarecrow required), ‘cuz you’ll need it if you’re going to be fearless Nikki! You’ll also need to catch yourself a famous boyfriend to buy you fab gifts and take awesome Instagram shots. So, have your fishing net, fly paper or club handy. Just kidding. You can go trick-or-treating (and totally be Nikki) without the famous BF :D. As an option, you can bring along a twin sister instead…even if you’re really annoyed with her at the moment. Then again, maybe it’s more fun going door-to-door by your fabulous self. Either way, you’re Nikki-fied!

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