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So here’s the deal, lovelies: all good things must come to change. Alicia and I started Diva-Fierce four years ago: if you were in high school or college then, you’re graduating now. Maybe, like us,  you have a full-time job these days, or you’ve gotten married or moved to a new place…or all four lol. Time flies, right? And fashion waits for no one. Ditto life. We’ve wrestled (not ring-ready, yet though :)) with what to do with our baby – this site – as our lives have changed.  This is our passion, and yet it’s cost so much time and so much effort that it’s strapped us emotionally, but at the same time it’s too much fun to let go. So, we’ve decided…to move. As of July, diva-fierce.com as a .com will cease to exist. BUT, we’ll be moving our new content and commentary to tumblr and keeping things a little simpler. We’ll keep you appraised of the migration. We’ll continue adding content here until the change-over is complete and on one place or other, we’ll take a look back at highlight moments from the best days of Fierce. The link to the new tumblr site will be posted here soon, so keep checking in. In the meantime,


Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Becky Lynch – AbsFab
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OK, so the first thing I thought when I saw these pics was “Dayyyyum – girlfriend got some ABS!” I stand by that comment 100%. I think Becky is my new inspiration for doing crunches! She offers some pretty decent style inspiration too – as we saw in her photos from the Sugar & Sting set, and as we see here. I’m a fan of colors for workout clothing – I just think it helps get your butt in gear if you can wear bright, energetic shades :) Pale gray is a can’t-go-wrong pairing with any color. Becky’s fun sneakers echo the sea-blue shade of her bralette top. I’m not sure how the yellow cuffs fit in as far as the workout is concerned, but I definitely love the extra color – and who would think to put sunflower yellow with this shade of blue? I love it! Gotta try that :). Her make-up kicks this look up to “shoot-ready” from “normal gym day”. Her abs are definitely the best accessory here, though! :)

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Rebel – Daring
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I’m not quite sure what to make of Rebel‘s outfit here. There are some elements I like and some elements I admit I don’t quite “get”. Let’s start with awesome: the black V-neck cami. That’s a great basic piece, sexy and feminine and useful a whooooole plethora of looks. The red shorts: those are hot and I like the pop of color. The brown leather body harness is a crazy fun accessory – really unusual, which I love. I’m just not sure I’m all in with how she’s used it here. Ditto her black leather waist belt – great piece! But she’s blending black and brown and smooth and studded…it starts to get to be a lot going on. The suede over-the-knee leg covers have a great look..but what are they exactly? They remind me of super-cool, funky leg-warmers. See the duality I’m facing here – cool pieces but a little bit “huh?” It’s the same when we get to her platform…booties? Oxfords? We can’t see enough to tell…but why tan? With all the other color going on here, it just adds one more in the mix. I think this shoot could benefit from being simplified a bit – fewer colors, fewer elements, a little more harmony. I’m pretty sure Rebel was going for ‘fierce’ here and she def put in the effort to hit it. Somehow, it just doesn’t quite all mix well. My favorite thing about the shoot, though, is her poses! She rocks those hard. She’s clearly comfortable in front of the camera and her talents in this respect add an extra va-voom to this shoot that make it far more intriguing than the outfit alone would justify.

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Sasha, Bayley, Becky, Charlotte – Sugar & Sting
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“Girlfriends” shoots seem to be the new ‘in thing’ and a bunch of NXT Divas got on board with their latest -a style-focused set of snaps that makes excellent use of yellow! So, you know Brie’s all happy :) I like the fact that the common color theme, in addition to being sunny and bright, makes the style differences pop out and lets each girl showcase her personal sense of fashion.

Bayley has an offbeat style sense that sometimes works and sometimes goes way off the diving board. Here,s he’s given us two idfferent looks: a cropped halter top and a swingy skirt, plus a bandeau+pencil skirt combo with a loose-knit frayed sleeveless sweater. She gets serious proprs for the sweater – we don’t see many of those in photoshoots and she makes this one work. The fraying keeps it casual and gives some chill, fun vibes to her cute slim skirt. I do, however, prefer the swingy skirt and halter top with her cute black pumps – which I should add are a huge surprise to me! Here’s funky Bayley going with very chic, straight-laced shoes. How interesting! It’s a curveball…and I like curveballs! Continue reading »

Wrestlemania Gear Review
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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a treat for the GearHeads among us, so get ready to be spoiled! We’re doing a WM Gear Mini Review, Hall-Of-Fame-Fashion-Review-style. (Yes, this will be the official conclusion to our Wrestlemania coverage

#4: AJ

I know how much of a fave AJ was for many of you. While she was never tops on my list, I always liked her originality and quirkiness. So, I’m sorry to have to say that those two things were definitely missing for this gear. I understand that she probably knew it was her last Wrestlemania and one of her last in-ring performances, given her shortly-to-follow retirement. I understand that going glam isn’t her style and would never happen. But this outfit simply reeks of not-giving-a-blank! This is freaking WRESTLEMANIA and this outfit looks like gear she would wear at any ol’ Raw or Smackdown, maybe not even a televised one. It’s straight-up common, every day stuff. It doesn’t take her special look to a new dimension, it doesn’t give us any style inspiration. It just says “blah”. Boo, AJ – you could’ve done better, girl. I know you could! Continue reading »

FashionHap: Wrestlemania Outfits
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No, I’m not done with Wrestlemania yet. Yes, you’re right, it’s sad :). But this is it: two posts and done, lovies, so sit back and enjoy a look at a few call-out-worthy WM looks that are too good to overlook. Let’s start with Madusa‘s gown. Her black crystal-encrusted two-piece at the HoF was glam, but this simple, gathered halter dess? This is fantastic! It’s classy and stunning and I actually prefer it over the other. It’s a lovely piece. And now, let’s get to: Oh, WOW Natalya! Girlfriend knows how to do Wrestlemania!! The heeled boots she paired with this outfit move it into non-gear territory, but if she wanted to wrestle in it (hint hint ;) ), it would make for some HOT gear! Breaking it down, we have the black one-piece catuit, accented with sheer insets, leather and dramatically placed mega-crystals. Love!! Next, said catuit has a zip-front which is undone to reveal an all-over studded bra. Double love! (The Victoria’s Secret designers are prob kicking themsleves wondering why they didn’t do this first!). Thirdly, we have the cute, croppe,d ruffle-accented jacket that includes a pop of pink ribbon and a LOT of fierce, yet feminine attitude! Finally, we have those stud-accented fingerless gloves. Shaaa-zam. I love the fierceness of this outfit. I love it’s glamour. I love it’s intensity and boldness and creativity. I love it’s thought-out, layered couture details. THIS is an ensemble worthy of the Grandest Stage. Standing ovation, Natalya!! Girlfriend, you ROCKED it! Continue reading »

Bad Blood Fashion Inspirations
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So, if you’re like me, you adore Taylor Swift’s style. Maybe you freaked out, too, when you saw her Bad Blood video and watched her let her dark side screaming loose. Maybe you even said to yourself “Aha! Style inspiration: descent into darkness, into tough girl, into FIERCE, into classy fashionista bisch!” And if so, you are sooooo spot on. ;) Now, how to DO that? Well, many of the Divas and KOs have had their Bad Blood fashion moments. We’re going to check them out here…and get a shopping (or better yet pull-it-out-of-your…closet ;) – what did ya think I was gonna say?-) list. Continue reading »

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