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Tumblr: The Link Is Up! Run for your lives..to the new site :)
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So here’s the deal, lovelies: all good things must come to change. Alicia and I started Diva-Fierce four years ago: if you were in high school or college then, you’re graduating now. Maybe, like us,  you have a full-time job these days, or you’ve gotten married or moved to a new place…or all four lol. Time flies, right? And fashion waits for no one. Ditto life. We’ve wrestled (not ring-ready, yet though :)) with what to do with our baby – this site – as our lives have changed.  This is our passion, and yet it’s cost so much time and so much effort that it’s strapped us emotionally, but at the same time it’s too much fun to let go. So, we’ve decided…to move. As of July, diva-fierce.com as a .com will cease to exist. BUT, we’ll be moving our new content and commentary to tumblr and keeping things a little simpler. We’ll keep you appraised of the migration. We’ll continue adding content here until the change-over is complete and on one place or other, we’ll take a look back at highlight moments from the best days of Fierce. The link to the new tumblr site is diva-fierce-xo.tumblr.com …make sure to check there for new content!

Ok…free gift time :) …diva-fierce.com is sticking around through the end of AUGUST, instead of July!

Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana – Body By Ballet
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Brie: We get to take a look at Lana‘s workout style in WWE’s latest Body Series shoot. What struck me first is that this is one of the most beautiful workout shoots I’ve ever seen! It starts with the gorgeous settings. Lana’s ballet room has magnificent architecture and furniture: old doors with a lovely patina and an elegant mirror. Her krav maga room has enormous windows that let in tons of brilliant light. Both look like amazing spaces to work out in! Next, the contrast of Lana’s scarlet leotard against the white room is stunning and manages to look both Old-World enchanting and fiercely modern at the same time. Her poses are athletic and graceful and add to the artistry of the shoot. Then, she shifts gears to the gutsy, feisty martial art side of her workout with a pretty purple tank and simple black shorts. The color is aaaaahmazing…and it’s all that’s needed. It creates an eye-catching contrast that highlights Lana’s beauty, without taking away from her inspirational tough attitude. Her  braided pony is both practical and attractive, while her  softly flushed make-up with it peachy-rose eye palette is keel-over-worthy. And oh yeah, she has some great put-‘em-on-your-wall quotes too ;). This ‘shoot’s fantastic blend of beauty and strength makes it easily my fav of the Body Series so far. Brava, Lana!

FashionHap: Late July, Pt. 1
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FH late July 2015 coll1

Brie: I give Naomi points for changing things up. This gear is better, definitely better. But it still needs something – maybe sticking with just the white top (love the cutout) and jeans, accented with leather and loose the sheer part.

I have my fingers crossed that Sasha will inspire Naomi a bit; I love how professional Sasha’s gear already looks. She’s used a gorgeous neon melon shade, set against white and accented with bold stripes and studs. And the crossed one-shoulder  design is both unique and functional! Continue reading »

Goodbye, Layla! Her Best Fashion Moments
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BrieLayla‘s fashion grew by leaps and bounds during her time in WWE. She arrived as a curly-haired dancer with a Queen-Of-Pop soul and quickly attained fashion stardom, at first with the style influence of bff Michelle McCool and later, in her own right. It paralleled her Divas’ Championships, as she first shared the title and then took the crown solo. We’re looking back through our rose gold, crystal-encrusted sunglasses and getting inspired by Layla’s fashion one last time. Join us. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photo Gallery: Layla – Got Us On Our Knees
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Brie: The end of era has finally come. It was the era in which I fell in love with WWE  and with fashion, so it hits me a bit hard, even though I could see the cursive on the wall. Layla has announced her retirement from the WWE :(. She has been less prominent lately, both on tv and in photoshoots, taking extended time off for both surgery and personal issues. Consequently, it was clear that the duties of a Diva were weighing heavier than in the past. There comes a day when its just time. And now it is. And I can’t help but be sorry.

I became a devotee of the Divas during the rise of LayCool. Their fashion, their presence and the fansites dedicated to them became the architecture that formed the basis of my passion for these ladies and what they do. I found so much style inspiration from this duo, it’s unbelievable. I think every girl who loves WWE has that one diva or diva team who is “it” for her. LayCool was mine, and without Layla, the last link to that era is gone. There are so many divas rising to fill that glittering podium that I know my love for the Divas and WWE will survive. But you always miss your first love :).

Goodbye, Layla: thanks for the memories. Thanks for the brilliant LayCool years. Thank you for the inspiration – fashion and otherwise. Thank you for fighting through the non-believers. Best of luck with all your upcoming plans! We’ll miss you!



WWE is commemorating Layla’s retirement with a special gallery and we’ll be doing our own retrospective of her best fashion looks. Lay also has an extensive interview posted at WWE.com, where she discusses her future plans (weddings and dancing, oh my!) and thanks EVERYone, but especially her many fans.  Awwwww! Hand fan. We’re not going to cry. Honest. ..sniffle.

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Lana & Summer – Playing Doubles
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DoublescollBrie: In the WWE’s latest photoshoot, Lana and Summer explore what it would be like to play doubles! That’s right: carbon copies, twins, doppelgangers. They have a good start: tall, hot, leggy blondes with fabulous sense of style. And they keep it going by choosing two very similar suits. Now, there are a few differences (ya know the old saying “the devil is in the details”? :)). This time, the divine is in the details. Lana’s suit we know: it’s her trademark – 3 buttons, pencil skirt (often with a sexy side slit) and pumps…flawlessly fab pumps! Summer goes with a ONE button suit – it’s a little less prim – but it then requires an undergarment, in this case a stunning bustier with a metallic jacquard finish. So, which is sexier: a romantic bustier or nothing at all ;)? I’d say: both! Heehee. Summer also skips the side slit in her pencil skirt, making the outfit a bit more professional (but harder to walk in :)), AND she goes for smoking HOT t-strap sandals instead of pumps. The patent leather makes this pair pop, adding a modern, highly-polished vibe to her ensemble. The side-by-side brings out the differences in the two ladies’ style: Lana is very much in Russian character with her sexy, but cool styling, while Summer is a bit softer and trendier – more up-to-the-minute cool girl. The overall effect of both looks is stellar…and a 101 class in how to create small, but meaningful, distinctiveness with traditional black suits (take notes any of you who wear suits to work 24/7/365: it does NOT have to be boring!). They both rock the poses, with Lana hitting all her standards and Summer doing an excellent job at replicating them. Synopsis: interesting idea, well-executed, fantastic fashion. (We love that last part especially :D)

And speaking of doubles, stay tuned for an upcoming feature on fashion that takes two! ;) (bff’s, that is!)

FashionHap: Early July 2015 Pt 2
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FH early july Nikkicoll

Brie: In addition to a couple fab lookd form sister Brie, we got 3 awesome outift from Nikki Bella in early July. She kicks it off with a classic Nikki look: city-chic and totally fierce: a bodycon cami paired with leather skinny pants. This look is bold, minimalist and fashion-editor-approved! Besides all that, it looks fantastic ;) She keeps her jewelry super-understated with just a tiny diamond pendant and lets this clean look do the talking. Next, she shows off a crop-top and pencil skirt set. These are super fun to wear and basically EVERYwhere now. Nikki’s has a great space-age texture to it that adds a modern vibe to this retro styling. That dynamic is echoed in her crossed-strap platform heels. Lastly, she adds spike of toughness with her leather motorcycle jacket. Her 3rd look is the same type of two-piece pairing, ut this time, she goes flirty and girly with a halter-style top and a flared, flippy mini skirt. She adds her usual splash of mod with ultra cool laser-cut sandals (UPDATE: those lovely heels are CL’s Martha sandals). I love how she’s given us a variety of style looks, all in a single, simple color palette: black and white – but with slightly different genres: fierce, retro-mod and girly. Her style is just amazing! Continue reading »

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