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FashionHap: Wrestlemania Axxess Day 4
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: May 2nd, 2015 • (0)


comments: Just when yout thought I was done with Wrestlemania…:D Nope, not yet lol.  There’s more ahead, including this look at fashion from Axxess Day 4.

Lita was looking amazing in a softly curved dress in a gorgeous shade of blue – ight hat color is so fab! I love how she tempered the formality with her moto jacket! That’s a great pairing – it makes the look more casual and adds some edge to the style. That also is an awesome jacket in it’s own right. The chevron front is super-cool and the moto style would look just as good with jeans over a tee as it does with this dress. She also added her Hall Of Fame ring – hard to get any more occasion-appropriate than that! :)  Continue reading »

FashionHap: Raw 3.23.15+Impact 3.20.15
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Ok -dipping back into the archives a bit, but hey – great fashion is great fashion …anytime! :) Better yet, we get a look at some KNOCKOUTS fashion, for those of you who have missed that (like me).

SoCal Val was back on our screens, demo’ing the art of overdressing (have you seen her blog of that same name? Def gotta check that out!) She paired a chic brown halter top with a glam cream sequined mini skirt, with a long, sheer train. Wow – how fancy! And I loooove fancy! I also love having Val back around – her fashion is unfailingly fab!

Gail Kim gave us an inspiring cool-girl look, choosing an all-black combo of shorts and a graphic tee. The “London” logo gives it a bit of sophisticated world-traveller flair. While this look is really more gear style, it would translate equally well to street style – just swap the wrestling boots for strappy booties and you’re there. SO, Gail gets serious Fierce points for that! Continue reading »

FashionHap: Wrestlemania Axxess Day 3
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: April 28th, 2015 • (0)


Should I be done reviewing Wrestlemania stuff by now? Yep, should. But not. :) Then again, if you’re ahppy reading about it, I’m happy writing about it…and who isn’t happy reading and writing about Divas and fashion? ;) Axxess Day 3 brought us a couple peeks at the Bellas. First, there’s Brie looking very Brie Mode in a red tee of the aforementioned persuasionpaired with a black destroyed mini skirt. She keeps her customary hint of grunge about her in-character look with her tied plaid shirt. At another event the same day, she switched up the mini for a leather pencil skirt (it looks like…could be leather motorcycle pants though…curse the photo angle! :D) Either way, I kinda like the leather; it adds a bit more street-style chic to the overall feel. Nikki was fully in-character as well, with her red ‘fearless’ tank and shorts. The backwards ballcap is a nice throwback touch. This citrus yellow dress chosen by Alicia Fox is an immediate attention-getter! The halter neckline is trendy and looks amazing! I also adore her choice to add glasses and a side-swept ponytail to this look – it lends this fabulous cool-girl feel to the look. Her bold ring makes a glamorous exclamation point. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: The Few, The Proud
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Renee and Emma joined Summer in supporting the new movie she’s recently made with the Miz, The Marine. The three ladies got together for a Marine-themed photoshoot. While the Charlie’s Angels comparisons are hard to stay away from, the three do a great job displaying chemistry and finding cool threesome-style poses. They interact with each other in a way that clearly shows off the bond between them, with plenty of fierce attitude thrown in! These type of shoots are also fun simply because of their novelty – we generally just see one Diva at a time, so three together can’t help but break some different ground. Continue reading »

Hall Of Fame Prom Inspirations
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hof prom coll

Need some inspiration for your prom look? Take a cue from the Divas! We’re morphing their Hall Of Fame looks into pro-ready style. There’s an hors-de-oeuvre right here…and check out the rest of the looks we’ll be posting throughout the next week or so on our polyvore acct (linked in the sidebar).

Borrow Rosa‘s love of glitter and go for something sequined! It doesn’t have to be hi-low; it just has to shine! Pair glowing silver with bright white for a cool, modern look, or ground it with black accessories. A long, flowing hairstyle adds a lil’ casual to all the glam..and looks soooo sexy! Continue reading »

Diva-Fierce.com’s 2015 Hall Of Fame Fashion Review – The Sublime
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: April 22nd, 2015 • (0)

hOf2015 bANNERhof2015WINNERS

Every year, the top of the Countup is a hard call. Some years its dang near impossible. 2015 was one of those. It came down to chic vs. chic, boho-tinged vs. classic sophistication. Without further ado, we present: Continue reading »

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