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So here’s the deal, lovelies: all good things must come to change. Alicia and I started Diva-Fierce four years ago: if you were in high school or college then, you’re graduating now. Maybe, like us,  you have a full-time job these days, or you’ve gotten married or moved to a new place…or all four lol. Time flies, right? And fashion waits for no one. Ditto life. We’ve wrestled (not ring-ready, yet though :)) with what to do with our baby – this site – as our lives have changed.  This is our passion, and yet it’s cost so much time and so much effort that it’s strapped us emotionally, but at the same time it’s too much fun to let go. So, we’ve decided…to move. As of July, diva-fierce.com as a .com will cease to exist. BUT, we’ll be moving our new content and commentary to tumblr and keeping things a little simpler. We’ll keep you appraised of the migration. We’ll continue adding content here until the change-over is complete and on one place or other, we’ll take a look back at highlight moments from the best days of Fierce. The link to the new tumblr site will be posted here soon, so keep checking in. In the meantime,


Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

Bad Blood Fashion Inspirations
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So, if you’re like me, you adore Taylor Swift’s style. Maybe you freaked out, too, when you saw her Bad Blood video and watched her let her dark side screaming loose. Maybe you even said to yourself “Aha! Style inspiration: descent into darkness, into tough girl, into FIERCE, into classy fashionista bisch!” And if so, you are sooooo spot on. ;) Now, how to DO that? Well, many of the Divas and KOs have had their Bad Blood fashion moments. We’re going to check them out here…and get a shopping (or better yet pull-it-out-of-your…closet ;) – what did ya think I was gonna say?-) list. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Paige – Anti-Diva, Pro-Body
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Yes! WWE’s Body Series does indeed include more divas…and anti-divas ;). Paige lets us peer into her training world in this set of snaps, embellished with great pull quotes. She reminds us that being a Diva will kick your keister. True. Then again, the whole world will kick your keister if you’re not ready to take it on (perhaps we could paraphrase Shakespeare: “All the world’s a ring” :)). That makes Paige’s other points even more compelling: the hard work is worth it because it prepares you and makes you feel good. Being in shape to take on life, be it as a Diva, or anything else, is a great feeling! As fashionistas, it is incumbent upon us to note that doing it in cute clothes feels awesome too ;). Paige pairs cropped athletic-striped pants with a crop top (the piece at her collar bone gives it a “torn up” feel) and gray sneakers – all suitably dark and fierce. How different from the neon colors and funky prints we see on many of the ladies! The backwards baseball cap adds a perfectly Paige-appropriate tomboy-does-grunge vibe. BAsed on what we see here, keeping up with Paige in the gym is just as tough as keeping up with her in the ring!

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Taryn, Marti, Jade: Dolls On Display
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Taryn isn’t the only Knockout to have some time take snaps in the funhouse. Jade and Marti have as well, constituting their very first photoshoots as KO’s. Awesome, ladies! We heart newbies :) Taryn even joined them for a few shots..nice!

Let’s start with Jade. I mentioned in reviewing Taryn’s shoot that this background has a LOT going on and praised Taryn for her simple dress. Jade made a different choice: striped shorts, plaid mini-mini skirt, gold belt, military jacket, floral shoes, blue hair…gahhh. You see how easy it is to get into hot mess territory? While the colors blend, with all the prints and different elements to look at, it’s hard to really “get” her set of snaps.  I’m also not in love with this example of her style. Even without the background, it feels less “cool girl” and more “wear everything in my closet” -just too much. That being said, there are elements here that are fab – I LOVE her shoes! They’re cute and playful and fun…please please, Jade: wear these again with a simpler outfit and background! (Maybe something industrial to contrast with the florals?) Also, her skill at blending the colors here makes me think she could pull off a Harajuku-girls-style, both in fashion and as a shoot and that is something we have NEVER seen from any KO or Diva. I adore novelty and I’m sure she could pull that off really well. So, that goes on my wishlist of things to see in future. Welcome to the funhouse, and to diva-fierce, Jade! Glad to have ya! Continue reading »

New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Taryn’s Funhouse
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It is SO fantastic to have Knockouts shoots again, especially when they are as cool as this one!  I LOVE the vibe of this shoot – it has a couture-dirty-innocent-trashy feel that reminds me of Doll Parts-era Courtney Love, whom Taryn channels brilliantly here. Her poses are vampy, yet don’t-give-a-Falkland careless. The sitting poses, in particular are fantasmic -melding vintage pin-up and modern playgirl.  She flaunts this attitude in a superfically girly, but definitely sexy black strapless dress, embellished with ruffles and a tulle border. And let’s not forget that candy-pink sash and bow! Her massive-platform peeptoes reference the 90’s as well, adding to that high-fashion/exotic dancer duality. The scarlet background, wild printed carpet and crazy-colored furniture make this a very busy, complex background, so Taryn’s choice of a black dress was ideal. It brings the focus in to her and it is simple enough to stand out from everything going on behind it, yet add tons of visual interest with all its texture. What’s coolest about this shoot is it’s not at all sleazy – it’s just hints and homages, which is perfection! It gives you the ideas without ever crossing the line of being too much information. Fabulously done, Taryn!


New WrestlingKnockouts.com Photoshoot: Taryn – Midas’ Touch
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Oh Hallelujah -guess what, Fiercenti? We have some new Knockout shoots—finally! Woot woot! We’ll start with this one of Taryn‘s, which commemorates her title win, but we’ve got TWO more for you as well. How awesome is that? :D Continue reading »

FashionHap: Superstars For Hope Benefit
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As part of the Wrestlemania festivities, WWE launched Superstars For Hope, a campaign to benefit Special Olympics. A number of Divas’ turned out for the benefit premiere…which means we get to review more dresses…score! :D

Naomi chose the most formal of all the dresses and it is stunning! She could easily have used this for the Hall Of Fame Red Carpet. I love the crystal-encrusted bodice – soooo glamorous! The v-shape – both front and back- is sexy and dramatic without being trashtastically revealling. The soft ivory shade is gorgeous against her dark skin, and her pretty braid lets the gown take center stage. It’s a flawless look! Naomi is on a roll with formal affair fashion this year and I love it!

We only get a glimpse at Natalya‘s dress, but form the top, I would guess this classic black piece is a mid-length number, appropriately formal…but also playfully chic, as those polka dots show! The sheer top keeps it modern, producing the mod-vintage duality that is one of Nattie’s trademark looks. Anyone want to bet she want with nude pointy-toe shoes with this? ;)

Eva Marie, like Natalya, chose a less formal, but appropriate dress – a knit bodycon mini in her favorite shade of brilliant red. This dress could work for many looks – with flats it would be more casual, with a jean jacket and Western-inspired boots even more casual. With great heels, it’s more formal – which is just what Eva’s done here. I love the ankle strap and u-shaped vamp! Personally, I might have been tempted to add a glittery statement necklace to amp the formality up just a pinch more, but this look is simple, classic and fab. Continue reading »

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