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Tumblr: The Link Is Up! Run for your lives..to the new site :)
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So here’s the deal, lovelies: all good things must come to change. Alicia and I started Diva-Fierce four years ago: if you were in high school or college then, you’re graduating now. Maybe, like us,  you have a full-time job these days, or you’ve gotten married or moved to a new place…or all four lol. Time flies, right? And fashion waits for no one. Ditto life. We’ve wrestled (not ring-ready, yet though :)) with what to do with our baby – this site – as our lives have changed.  This is our passion, and yet it’s cost so much time and so much effort that it’s strapped us emotionally, but at the same time it’s too much fun to let go. So, we’ve decided…to move. As of July, diva-fierce.com as a .com will cease to exist. BUT, we’ll be moving our new content and commentary to tumblr and keeping things a little simpler. We’ll keep you appraised of the migration. We’ll continue adding content here until the change-over is complete and on one place or other, we’ll take a look back at highlight moments from the best days of Fierce. The link to the new tumblr site is diva-fierce-xo.tumblr.com …make sure to check there for new content!

Ok…free gift time :) …diva-fierce.com is sticking around through the end of AUGUST, instead of July!

Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

Fashion Thought Of The Day
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Quote of the day 8.31

FashionHap: SummerSlam Week Pt 2/Hinge
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fh sswk coll6

“My Mother always said that dressing well is a show of respect for those around you.” – SoCalVal

Fashion isn’t just a vague, vapid “uummmm…I don’t know”.  STYLE is about doing it with understanding – what are you referencing, what are you changing, what character are you playing, emotion are you expressing?  To really break the rules, you have to KNOW the rules. Otherwise, it’s just happenstance. What are you trying to say? How does fabric choice, mix of elements, colors, accessories and shoes help you do that? What is the hinge for the aesthetic experience that makes it all come together ? I always measure my success by how I feel – does this look make me feel like I wanted it to: like Audrey Hepburn in How To Steal A Million, like Jackie Kennedy, like a girl in a Taylor Swift vid, like the phrase “dirty pearls” in a Gaga lyric, like a rock star, like a wandering spirit, like a queen, like a Ralph Lauren model. If it does, I got it right.  If not, there’s tomorrow ;) Continue reading »

FashionHap: SummerSlam Week Pt 1/Appropriate Dress Req’d
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fh sswk coll1

Club Rules: 1. Appropriate dress required”. – Brooks Bros.

Real style is cemented by the abillity to dress appropriately for every occassion. It means not showing up for an archaelogical dig in stilettos and not wearing combat boots to the Royal Ball. (unless that prince really pi$$ed u off lol). Part of dressing appropriately is dressing with decorum. With the VMA’s fresh in everyone’s brain, let’s talk a min about one of my fashion rules. I don’t have many, but here’s one I’m throwing out for you to ponder. My rule is that you don’t show two types of sexy skin at once. If your mini dress bares your legs, you keep the décolleté under cover. If you’re wearing a plunging neckline, an open back, spaghetti straps or something similarly daring on top, you go with a longer hemline. In my world, this keeps you out of skank mode. Some of the VMA’s barely-fashion reminded me of this (looking at you, Miley).

Renee def got that memo at St. Mary’s Hospital. She pairs a simple white tee with blue jeans and simple pumps. The clean, fresh feel of this very basic combo is fab. But, Renee elevates it from basic with two things – the flowy, slouchy feel of this tee ( silk, or a finely woven cotton will do that, as will polyester) and her funky jewelry placement. Her mix of rings on various fingers keeps this look interesting and modern.

Also getting that memo is Stephanie McMahon at John Cena’s 100th Wish Ceremony. She shows off her arms in this pretty woven, paneled dress in classic black and pearl, but she goes for a sophisticated, to-the-knee silhouette. She keeps the look summery with strappy ivory heels. Continue reading »

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Welcome To New York
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Brie: In celebration of Summer Slam, a bunch of the Divas gave us a New York-flavored photoshoot, rocking their city-inspired street style. The cement wall was a fitting background for this shoot. It was additionally a great choice because it’s simple enough to let the clothes stand out. While I wouldn’t have minded a hint of graffiti, letting the clothes stand out is a fabulous plan.

Brie Bella kicks thing off with her chocolate “I love NY” tee paired with cute chino shorts in a fabulous shade of intense blue. Her shirt manages to be both feminine (due to the off-shoulder style) and fierce (with the cut and tied front). The pairing with the bright blue is a fantastic and unusual combo. She puts this outfit into the “killer” category with her Native American-inspired touches – the turquoise and silver headband and her beaded tassel necklace, echoed by the tribal   geometry of her sandals.

Paige’s from-her-heart punk style works flawlessly for this type of shoot. She gets serious Fierce points – and quite possibly the Brie’s Fav Tee Award- for her Ramones tee. You can’t go wrong with uber-classic punk gods! Skinny jeans, mesh arm covers and, naturally, her spiked J. Campbell Lita boots, complete the look. PS the blue hair is still fab :) If punk is your vibe, this is how it’s done. Continue reading »

Fashion thought of the weekend…
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FashionHap: Early Aug 2015, Pt 2
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FH early Aug pt 2 coll1

Brie: I’ve got to say, it is AWESOME having Karen Jarrett back! Her fashion choices are always impeccable, so she’s a fabulous addition even at the best of times. She’s even more appreciated now, when we’re seeing so little fashion from the Knockouts :’/. This week, she rocks our world in yet another LBD, this one a sheath, with leather panels at the sides…rrrrawwwr! She finishes things off with perfect pointy toe pumps: clean and fierce. <3 it so much!

I’m still not sure of the point of the goggles, although they do look…interesting. But this outfit from Becky Lynch is a vast improvement over the striped creation we had been seeing her in. This is more minimal, with a lot less pattern, but even more impact, due to the strong colors and carefully-placed metallic bands. +1 for the studs. And, ssly, that military-inspired trench is HOT. Nice one, Becks! Continue reading »

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