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Vote for your 2014 ‘Fashionista of the Year’
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It’s that time of the year folks! Not only do you get blessed with beautiful holiday lights, and snow-covered EVERYTHING, but you also get blessed with the chance to vote for Diva-Fierce’s 2014 ‘Fashionista of the Year’!

It’s our 2nd year doing it, and it hasn’t failed us yet! Last years winner was Mickie  James, to cast your vote for this year go to our voting page!

*Voting closes the end of December

Vote for your 2014 ‘Fashionista of the Year’!

Diva-Fierce.com 2014 Silver Snap Awards: Nominees
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Not only is it the time for silver bells, but here at Diva Fierce in December, we also celebrate the Silver Snaps! We are so lucky to be able to review so many amazing, head turning, jaw dropping, mind blowing… erhm, sorry, got a little carried away… memorable photo shoots! At the end of the year, we chat amounts ourselves and selected our favorites for you the vote on! 4 beautiful Divas and 4 stunning Knockouts snapped a place in our hearts and now, it’s your job to pick which one is the creme de la creme, xoxo! Continue reading »

Once Upon A Diva: Snow White
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We close our foray into fairy tale land with a great classic: Snow White! And who better to be our Snow White than Brooke? For starters, we can totally see her charming a prince! …And most of his kingdom too :)  Do you think seven dwarves would hesitate to ask Brooke to stay awile? Bet not! It’s also pretty easy to imagine another woman being jealous of her beauty – how many of us would loooove a body like that? My hand is up. If beauty isn’t enough to justify making Snow White’s life miserable, let’s consider this: when you’re running a business it’s a full-time thing. It can get to be like part of your family. You don’t want to let anyone ruin it, or get in your way. So, it wouldn’t be that hard for the Queen of TNA’s front office, Dixie Carter, to get the idea that Brooke might be trying to take over her company. A few wrong words, gestures, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, an innocent mistake: it could all just add up. I doubt Dixie would scruple to discipline anyone she thought was going to bring down her kingdom. While poisoning apples probably isn’t her thing, mandatory time off or a forced change of position (Dear Brooke: you’re now officially a time keeper until further notice. Love, Dixie. PS that means a pay cut. XO’s!) would be. Can’t you imagine Dixie, dressed in black from head to toe,  catwalking down the entrance ramp, raising a TNA mic and saying “I will destroy your happiness!”? Umm, yeppers.  Besides, she’d look fab in a crown :) …and sequins…and black leather. Brooke is just the kind of fierce, formidable “princess” who would fight back too – and well! There probably won’t be a lot of sword fighting and dangling from trees: we’re thinking she’s more a stage-a-strike and stage-a-coup …after destroying Dixie’s henchmen… kind of girl. But, with a few handicap matches, a couple of curses (bleeped, of course :D), and an eventual joining of forces against a common enemy, it would all come out with a happy ending….just as any good fairy tale should!

Put Your Hands Up: Which Total Divas’ BHS Shoes Were Most Amazing?
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PYHU TD shoes

Soooo we are SERIOUS shoe fanatics around here. Heck, I wrote a whole TWIF intro series about it lol. We oooh’ed and aaah’ed over the Total Divas Behind the Scenes shoot….and then we oooh’ed and aaaah’ed MORE over all the fantastic shoes. Pick a fav? You’re kidding, right? We can’t do that! So, we’re letting YOU do it :) XO’s

New WWE.com Gallery: The “Total Divas” Behind The Scenes
News posted by KimG • Date Published on: December 16th, 2014 • (0)


Kim: Ugggggh! Can it be January already? I love Christmas but I want my Total Divas back! Until then, the latest video promo and behinds the scenes photo shoot will have to hold me over. To be honest, it does a pretty good job of doing just that! We have a link to the video from WWE’s Youtube page at the end of this article, and whew, it’s scorching hot! Though it’s the photo shoot that really gives you the chance to take a good look at the outfits, the hair, and the overall badass-ness each girl brings to the table. They had two different “looks” in this promo. One consisted of black on black, with mesh and leather galore! This is the one that really caught my attention. There is honestly so much to talk about, I’m going to try and cover as much as I can.

Continue reading »

New HeymanHustle.com Photoshoot: Brie Bella – That Mode
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Kim: The beautiful Brie Bella recently did a personal appearance in New York, and lucky us, we get a few pictures courtesy of HeymanHustle.com! Brie’s style is one that I would love to emulate. At this signing, she started off with her “Brie Mode” black tank top, and paired it with a leather mini skirt. That alone would have been a head turning outfit, but then she added a black and grey plaid sweater wrapped around her waist. Ok, I did that soooo many times when I was younger, and now I kinda want to do it again! It’s a different way to add some color, design, or texture into your outfit. Plus, if it gets a little chilly, you’re covered! She left her hair down and loosely curled, and kept her makeup looking natural. Finally, her black ankle peep-toe booties look fierce and complete the look like a cherry on top.

New HeymanHustle.com Photoshoot: Brie Bella – That Mode: Photos

Once Upon A Diva: Frozen
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Let it go, let it go….Not only are they both blonde, but Taryn Terrell and Elsa from Frozen share a similar story. See, Elsa had powers which she tried to conceal (don’t feel, don’t let it show…), until one day she was pushed too far, and everything she had tried to hide weas revealed. At first, she was upset and fled. However by the end, she was proud of her uniqueness. She embraced what made her special and returned to be the Queen of her Kingdom. Taryn joined Impact Wrestling as a referee, but she had the ability to wrestle underneath it all. It took Gail Kim pushing her over the edge to let it go -tehehe- and show the world the skills she had. Now, at first, there was some regret, as she wanted to stay professional in her role as a referee. However, look at her now. After many A+ matches, she has 100% embraced her own power, and is standing tall at the top of the Knockouts division as the champion. All hail the Queen!

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