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Brie: Ok, you’re prob wondering what the heck is up around here. Honestly, I’m still working it out. So, sorries major for the lack of info. We’ve done the tumblr thing (the link to the new tumblr site is diva-fierce-xo.tumblr.com).  I gave tumblr a try and I have not yet fallen in love. However, Kim has a lot of fun with it, so she’ll be updating that site and keeping things fresh and fierce around there. So make sure you keep checking that out. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to decide where I want to go. I share with you now…ta-ta-ta-da!…my current plan :), which is to keep the current scaled back format with posts once or twice a week, and also make the site a bit more personal-fashion bloggish, with some more emphasis on inspiration, still rooted in Divas and KOs fashion, of course, but including some more fun stuff as well. All of this is time-dependent, but I don’t want to give up writing about fashion…at least not yet. I hope that sounds interesting and worthwhile to all of you faithful Fiercenti and that you are excited to continue this adventure with me. And if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, feel free to let me know in the comments!


Peace and Glitter!


Alicia, Kim & Brie

New WWE.com Photoshoot – Fashion Maul
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Brie: The Big Dub’s latest ‘shoot celebrates the Rugby World Cup with a bunch of Divas showing off sport-influenced poses and style. One of the standout aspects of all these pics is the energy and athletic bent showcased in the photos. This lithe, focused intensity is something we often get to see from these ladies in the ring, but not so much in photos. Capturing that facet of their personalities is an awesome idea, and this event is the perfect excuse!

Eden looks stunning in her navy and white gear, spiked with red. Like all of the girls, she nods to modernity with a cropped top, which adds a touch more sexiness to this play-focused set of snaps, as does the sliced shoulder, a look she and Sasha share. Her flowing hair is gorgeous, too! And although we know announcing is her current passion, these shots can’t help but make me think she would be a fearsome in-ring competitor as well!

Sasha often gravitates to red, and for good reason: this bold color is divine on her! The broad stripes are brash and confident: how perfectly Sahsh! I totally love the way she engages the lens here; it reeks of flawless attitude. Perhaps my favorite part of the snaps is the way she worked in her trademark sunglasses! Think this chick is the Boss of her rugby team? Yeppers.

The first thought I had upon seeing Becky Lynch’s photos was “this girl needs to wear green more often!”. Deep, intense green shades are classic shades for redheads, as red and green are complementary colors. This emerald jersey is completely amazing on her! I’d love to see her play around with Kelly, teal, spruce and jade as well. Like  Eden, she brings out the feel of a game in her poses and rocks them. She gets extra Fierce points for her soft smile – it makes it look like she’s having fun out there – score! Her in-flight pose gets a special bonus for awesomeness. Continue reading »

New WWE Photoshoot: Naomi – Dance To Your Own Beat
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Brie: Next up in the WWE Body Series is Naomi. We get a look at her fitness routine, which is incredibly varied, including weights, stretching, dance and a bit of acrobatics. It’s not surprising that one of the most athletic divas on the roster would have a really cool workout, so it’s fascinating to get a look at it, as well as the fashion she chooses for it :). Naomi makes all those sweat-inducing moves a lot more fun by layering a bunch for bright coordinated – but not matching – colors: a rose pink hoodie, a neon fuschia tank and amethyst printed leggings. I applaud her choices – intense colors always seem to be just right for the gym. There’s no need to be staid; you can let the crazy out and all that light-brightness is much more encouraging of energy and motion and movement than basic blacks and grays. If you’re going to bust your behind pushing through the burn, you might as well light the world up in the process, right? ;)

FashionHap: Late August 2015/Excuses
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fh end aug coll1Brie: This post really started with yoga pants :). “What?” says you…a fashionista wearing yoga pants? Well, yeah..sometimes…for working out :). But actually, it was more a discussion about yoga pants. A friend of mine who does massage was saying how she spends most of her life in yoga pants. And that can be so true – our lives make it so easy to fall into a uniform: jeans, a suit…or yoga pants! That’s why it’s so important to make excuses – to change it up! If you live in suits, try a dress. If you’re a jeans girl, try a skirt..or a suit – even just the pants ;) It can seem like you’re being too dressy, but that’s precisely why you should try it. We can all do with a little too much respect, with being over-dressed for an occasion now and again. It’s fun to play with fashion and we can’t play and have fun if we’re stuck in a rut of ennui. Mixing things up (silk skirt w/ a denim jacket, tulle skirt with military boots) helps the whole look not to be too overwhelming. Fashion is a wide wonderland of freedom and exploring the whole territory is the best kind of adventure. So find excuses to ditch those yoga pants sometimes! Continue reading »

New Impact Knockouts Photoshoot: Madison (+Brooke) – Fight Song
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MadBrooke FightSongcoll

Brie: Sooo this is another one of these times where we get a one-shot shoot, this time from Brooke. It’s a closer look at one the early metamorphoses of her gear and includes a zip sports bra that reminds me of the new Victoria’s Secret Knockout bra – it’s got the same zip close, the same bold, sporty styling…only Brooke kicks hers into haute gear with color-blocking  and STUDS :D. Won’t find those on your ordinary workout lingerie ;). I totally adore such a modern reference and the trendy styling of this gear, so I really wish we had gotten to see more of it. That sentiment gains further impetus from her cool MMA-inspired pose – it suits the whole premise of her fashion. I would LOVE to see her go for a whole shoot like this. *hopeful smile* Continue reading »

New Impact Knockouts Photoshoot: Rebel – Hello Dolly
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Brie: The whole Dollhouse experience has been interesting for me because when I first see the ‘shoots, they inevitably confuse my sensibilities; there’s just too much going on lol. But they always grow on me :) The more I look at them, the more I find them intriguing because they are complicated and unusual. They take the Tokyo street fashion aesthetic and blend it with pinch of vintage, plus a hint of Courtney Love-grunge. It’s definitely exploring a fashion avenue  that we haven’t seen in TNA (or the competitor-who-must-not-be-named :) ) before…and I LOVE that! Continue reading »

New Impact Knockouts Photoshoot: Brooke – Champ Of Many Colors
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Brie: So, apparently, Brooke actually got a championship ‘shoot, as well as a short title reign and it gives us an up close and personal look at her new gear. She’s continued with the pattern of using a variety of  fun colors and prints. This iteration blends a fuschia and peach snake print with bright, classic white. I love how the white breaks up the color and makes it feel really fresh and clean. With a complex print like this, it could be too much if done as an all-over fabric, but pieced in among the white panels, it looks fabulous! Brooke’s rainbow socks tie the whole thing together. The halter styling and sneakers give this gear an on-trend sporty feel and represent a new direction for Brooke’s fashion – so cool! Her poses are tried and true and perfectly on-point. I hope we get to see more of them in the near future :)

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