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Take It/Make It: Velvet’s BodyCon Dress
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 30th, 2014 • (0)

TIMI velvet bodycon dress

Velvet‘s smashing pink and black bodycon dress caught out eye right away! It’s the kind of piece every girl wants in her closet. Velvet has it styled for date night, leaving the low-cut neck exposed and pairing it with  VelvetSky-high pumps in a glittered fabric. The look is hot hot! But what if you want to take this closet staple beyond date night or a GNO? It can so be done! Throwing a button-down shirt underneath makes this piece suddenly sophisticated, in the spirit of 60’s dolly birds. (A lightweight turtleneck will work too). You can play up that vibe by pairing it with knee-high boots (or OTK boots, depending on the length of the dress). Add an extra pop of color with a bright belt, or a metallic one. Smooth, chic leather is key, metamorphosizing this dress from straight-up tempting to cool-girl dramatic. If you’re feisty enough, go for a black newsboy cap or fedora to take this look all the way.

How To Be…Christy For Halloween
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 29th, 2014 • (0)


So, you wanna be Christy Hemme for Halloween? Great choice! First, break out your creativity ‘cuz girlfriend got it going on in spades! As the leader of a band and the moving spirit behind so many of the KO’s fab photoshoots and new web site, Christy can spin out great ideas with the best! She also dresses the part, choosing super-trendy and daring fashion: think bodysuits and heels…and nothin’ else ;). If you’re a touch less brave, pair it with leggings and a fierce jacket: think studded motorcycle, cropped leather or metallic bomber, even military. As an alternative, toss that jacket over a bodycon dress. And be sure to add some seriously bold jewelry. Great heels are a must! We recommend wedges for walking comfort. Carry a microphone on your trick-or-treating travels so you can announce who’s coming to the ring door next. Make sure to add the  acronym ‘TNA’ to it so everyone will know exactly which promotion you represent. And do not forget Christy’s trademark red hair! A long wig, a little dye, whatever you can conjure up, so long as it red :) Lastly, Christy’s a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, so if you wanna do the door-to-door thing via Harley, it’ll be perfectly authentic. Easier on the feet, too :)

FashionHap (10/11/14): Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett’s Wedding
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 27th, 2014 • (0)


Cue the awwww’s and OMG’s! Maria Kanellis married her fiancé Mike Bennett in a gorgeous ceremony earlier this month! We get to see photos of Maria’s stunning dress courtesy of WWE’s Where Are They Now feature, which includes an interview with Maria. In addition to planning her wedding and taking her honeymoon, Maria is currently completing her scholarship in Sports, Event and Entertainment Management at Johnson & Wales University. Wow, has she been busy! But, from what we can see, she’s already put her studies to good use in planning her wedding :) Maria has always been a fashion maven with a flair for the dramatic and her gown is no exception. It is a magnificent strapless affair with a corset-style top, which then flows outward into a fairy tale’s worth of ruffles and diaphonous layers. Sadly, we don’t get to see her shoes :(. Maria had a lot of fun with fancy headpieces during her later years in WWE and we can see she still does! Her tiara looks like something out of a vintage milliner’s shop, done with modern-day glamour: feathers, flowers, crystals – it’s got it all! It is so awesome to see Maria’s fashion again, and even more fun when it’s on such a joyful occasion! Our very Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bennett!

Update: for those of you who, like us, are dying to see Maria’s shoes, earrings, etc etc in detail, Maria has promised us a wedding fashion extravaganza once her wedding pics return from her amazing photog @GeorgeStPhoto

FashionHap (10/11/14): Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett’s Wedding :Photos

Take It/Make It: Emma’s Tropical Print Dress
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 25th, 2014 • (0)

TIMIEmmas print dress

Emma‘s style is very distinctive: crazy bright, perky and playful! It definitely pops and she lets that shine. If you love that wild, untamed print, you can make it work in other ways too. This tropical print can be incredibly refined (but still quirky!) when paired with a bright turtleneck. We’re loving orange atm, but any color that’s in the print itself will work. It doesn’t even have to match exactly, just be close. The t-neck makes the dress act like a skirt (two-for-one pieces are always a score! :) and makes the short sleeve silhouette multi-seasonal). Match it up with flat oxfords or brogue shoes and you have the makings of a very idiosyncratic librarian! How sexy! Play that up by wearing your hair in a bun and accessorize with a long pendant necklace. You can even go for eyeglasses with this look ;)

How To Be…Sasha Banks For Halloween
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 24th, 2014 • (0)


Tired of playing second fiddle? This Halloween, be the Boss! Sasha Banks, Boss of NXT that is :). You’ll go for a look that’s  glam, not grunge, cool-girl, not authentic biker. Find yourself a leather motorcycle jacket or trench (it can be faux – we won’t tell ;)). Add some DIY studs and/or a wide, studded belt. Next, grab a crop top – think bra top/push-up bra or corset types -in a bright color (we recommend red) and pair it with matching close-fitting shorts of the athletic gear type.  Jewelry is all-important for this ensemble: a “BOSS” necklace (or ring) is a must! Also critical are insane sunglasses (hint: get a cheap pair and glue on your own studs, bling, metal stripes). Wear them (on your head, if necessary) even if you’re heading out in the dark; it’s about fashion, not function dahling! Complete the look with OTK or to-the-knee boots in leather or mixed media. Finally, pick up one of your ex-best friends (a blonde, if possible) and cart her around with you. And if the whole world loves you, maybe you can borrow someone else’s ex-bestie :). Either way, get one, ‘cuz the BFFs maybe split up, but Sasha’s you’re still the Boss!

New WWE.com Diva Day Off: Emma – Pop-A-Tropical
News posted by Brie • Date Published on: October 23rd, 2014 • (0)


Brie: Emma‘s new shoot is just what a day off should be! We see her listening to music, fixing her hair, lounging around and bouncing on her bed. Looks like my kind of day off :) And she does it in inimitable Emma-style: wearing a bright, perky sheath with an all-over tropical print. With its myriad of colors and fun scenery, this dress is fresh and youthful. The scooped neckline and cutout back only add to the lightheartedness! One of the highlights of the shoot is Emma’s make-up. It’s gorgeous! Her peachy cheeks and rosy pink lips pull out colors from the dress, but look very natural. Strong, deep eye shadow helps keep her from getting lost in all the print. And her bright pink nail polish is just cheery! She went barefoot with this dress, which is completely appropriate for a day off shoot. In fact, she kept all her accessories spare: the only addition is a bold collar in smooth, unembellished gold. It’s a flawless choice because it adds a little flash, but neither competes with the print, nor gets overwhelmed by it. The final stellar aspect of this ‘shoot is the background! The bright spring green shade of the room sets off Emma and her dress perfectly and the bright pillows and bed linens are completely in keeping with the vibrant, happy mood of this cute set of snaps!

New WWE.com Diva Day Off: Emma – Pop-A-Tropical: Photos

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